Jobless Bum Writes  

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Hehe.. As far as I can tell this would be my first blog entry as a worthless member of society. Yep, I got no job. And the reason why I’m blogging today is.. I dunno. I just thought I’d write something. Turns out I ain’t got anything interesting to write about. So there.

Children of the Corn  

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Here's Keia munching on some corn. Can't tell if she's enjoying it, seeing as she doesn't have a full set of teeth yet but hey, kids will be kids right?


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Back in 2007 I was totally clueless about how to work with Blogger. This is a photo of my niece, Keia - or more affectionately known as Betchay.

The original caption on this post says:
"Im still trying to figure out how to work Blogspot, so here's a picture of my niece Keia."

Cracker Head  

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This is my nephew, Batsi.

I kept the original post titles during the merger, but I made some refinements with the post body, for stuff like fonts and alignment.

The original caption for this photo was
I still hear those voices in my head!".


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This is my very first blog post. This was uploaded from my Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone. I have since merged my old blog posts with Stories from the Simian crease.

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