Party on Gary!  

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I just came from the Christmas party of our company held in The Crown Plaza Hotel here in Ortigas, and the highlight of the event was a 2-hour show by Gary Valenciano. Now I have never been to any of his shows before and much less have I ever seen him perform live, so I didn’t know what to expect. I know he’s a great singer and dancer and every concert that he held anywhere on Earth was always a hit, but to me seeing is believing. And you know what? Believe I did! What impressed me the most was the way he sincerely expressed his appreciation for the crowd, who in turn showed THEIR appreciation for him. He always sounded so sincere and everything he said seemed to touch the hearts of everyone there. Plus of course he was a great singer after all and a great dancer. Everyone was like screaming, it was hysteria. I never realized watching a Gary V performace was so much fun. Throw in his 2 sons who themselves gave the crowd a lot to cheer about and what you have is a phenomenal mini-concert. We were really lucky that ours was Gary’s last "major event for 2005". He really gave it all out and performed in front of a screaming audience like there was no tomorrow. Which sadly may be partially true because of his condition. He even showed everyone his insulin pump which I must admit made me admire this guy’s dedication to his profession. No demon in hell could stop this guy from giving the audience all that he can. Truly inspiring. Wish everyone saw him perform that night.

Vacation at Last!  

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Yes! Today I start the first of 4 days of no work! I actually started it yesterday when I didn’t go to work last night due to some unavoidable medical reasons. I may get into trouble ‘coz of that, but that’s OK. I’m just happy I don’t go to work for now.

note: Ok so even back then...

The Almighty Peso  

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Don’t you just hate how your money seems to be of less and less value because of the perpetually increasing cost of prices? Hell, I work my butt off for the salary that I get, the hard-earned and well-deserved compensation for a decent job well done that one would think would be sufficient for a single individual to survive in this economically hostile environment, only to find out that it will never, ever be enough? What, with the prices of utilities and consumer products beating NASA in the race to the moon, how the fuck can we cope up? But who’s complaining? This IS the Philippine government we’re talking about after all. Crap.


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I still feel pissed about having to delete my old blog but what the hell else could I do. Anyway, work is dragging on normally as usual. I did learn a thing or two about stress management today. One is that its essential in keeping one’s head on his shoulders in the face of all the shit that happens around him; and two, is that stress management is hard to do if not virtually impossible. I know its do-able but hey, the mere act of trying to manage one’s stress levels in itself is stressful enough! What a simple world this is we live in huh?


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My previous blog went bull, and so did one of my photo albums, for absolutely no apparent reason. I’ve got 89 pictures now that I now have to back up into a new album, goddamit. So to ya’ll, be careful with what you do here so things don’t get all fucked up.

(This was the earliest post I found over at Friendster. Take note that I'll only be migrating posts that I composed, and not copied such as song lyrics etc.)

The Story of the Dude with the Simian Crease  


I am Binchee, and welcome to my story.

Binchee is a rather affectionate play on my real name, Vince. It was a moniker given to me by friends, and it kinda' stuck. Despite what my friends and almost everybody who's known me says, I am Filipino. I may remind you of Samo Hung but trust me, Pinoy talaga ako. For the last five years or so I've been slaving my butt off as a technical support representative in the Philippines. I've been a cog to the machinery, and the drunk hippie inside me says I've been working for the man. Then the drunk hippie made a peace sign and smoked more weed. Peace.

This blog documents most of the stuff that goes on in my head. Although there are plenty of current event articles and feeble attempts at literary writing, this blog pretty much serves as my pensieve. Oh yeah, who's the Harry Potter junkie? Me. I also have what you would call a Simian Crease on both palms. I know its related to medical conditions such as Down Syndrome and all, but so far everybody seems to think I'm normal. I'm not entirely convinced though...

So anyway, since this blog was a collection of my thoughts and I have this Simian Crease situation going on I decided to name my blog accordingly. Hence, the Stories from the Simian Crease was born. I have a rare palm design and these are my stories. Good luck with the custom domain if I ever go dot com.

I've always enjoyed writing. Ironically, I hated taking notes in school. I dabble in freelance writing, and I am loving it. Getting paid to write is a dream come true. The very first thing I wrote that earned me some money was a sign that read "ice for sale". Yeah, that didn't go so well. But hey, it was a start.

I'm a big sports fan, and I mean big in the literal sense. My athleticism retired right after high school. I had a pretty good jump shot back then. I still shoot hoops and push cues every now and then, but then again "every now and then" could mean anything from twice a week to twice a year. I'm a music lover, and I used to play bass for our church band. Yeah I go to church. It could happen.

So anyway the Stories from the Simian Crease will continue to roll, and I hope you'll all be there for the ride.

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I am a half-certified internet junkie. I read a lot of stuff on the web, and every once in a while I find things that interest me. There is an unbelievable amount of knowledge on the internet, and plenty of things to keep me preoccupied. If anything, the Internet taught me a valuable lesson in life:

It's not all about the porn.

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