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Now I’m not here to pen up a classy, smart-ass review of NBC’s newest hit series "Heroes". I’m just here to say that this show absolutely blew my mind! I literally stayed up entire nights watching episode after episode after episode! You just can’t get enough! Not to mention all the hours I’ve spent downloading all 23 episodes!

Like c’mon, an indestructible cheerleader? (Kudos to you
Hayden Panettiere). Who comes up with these ideas? Oh yeah right, creator Tim Kring.

And you gotta love
Masi Oka, the funny Japanese guy who plays the role of time-travelling hero, Hiro (how original) that has the ability to bend space and time. And who wouldn’t want to be Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) who can "absorb" every hero’s ability just by being near them.

What I find most interesting about this show is that you wouldn’t really know who the bad guys really are until the very end. I mean, of course you’ld know who they are but there will be times (thanks to the many twists and turns of the storyline) when even the baddest of ‘em all would show their good sides. The characters will keep you guessing until you’re at the edge of your seat! (That’s why their called "twists" dummy).

Watch out for the in-betweener,
Heroes: Origins, that’ll run for about 6 episodes before Season 2 comes around. I wonder what they’ll think of next. Now if I could only say their names right..

What Now?  

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Here I am again. I dunno, I just felt like letting my fingers loose on my keyboard again. Maybe I’ll finally get to write something that makes sense tonight. Just maybe. Nobody reads this shit anyway.

So I got a new job again. New, in the sense that my ID will just display a different company logo, but all things considered I practically crept my way back from obscure depression into masochistic passivity. But who knows? Maybe I’ll enjoy making senselessly repetitive conversation with all those faceless morons again. I can hardly wait.

I patched things up with an old buddy yesterday. I sorta pissed him off by nagging him into helping me get a job in the call center that he works for, only for him to find out after telling all his co-workers how great and reliable I was, that I AWOL-ed a week after getting signed up. I still feel bad about what I did but I had my reasons. I just feel better now that we’re OK.

Pop quiz time. How many idiots does it take to ruin a perfectly good friendship? Just one, me. Even though she says we’re back to being our old abnormal selves again I can’t help but feel like she’s already made a decision to keep her distance. It feels awfully weird really. I hate it. Why couldn’t have I just kept my mouth shut that night. Oh well. If you’re reading this, you think you’ve got problems? I haven’t even begun to tell you.

And to the guys who I had the privilege of playing with tonight, I know last night’s performance wasn’t going to win us any Grammy Awards but hey, they ought to give us a break. After all, we’re talking about shitty instruments and misappropriated funding here. Add to that the fact that we’re kinda short on band members, and what you get is a mediocre performance that would make even Willie Revillame sound less annoying. But all is not lost guys. If anything, this could be our chance to make the elders see how badly we need their support, if they wanna keep the music playing during our seminars, right? See I told you there’s always something good about everything. Wait was that optimism? Who are you and what are you doing inside my head?

I think I’ll stop this pretentious ego-trip right about now and call it a night. Who said I’d write anything that actually made sense anyway? And stop drooling Tom, she’s perfectly capable of carrying her own boobs. Grr!

Hah! What a Surprise.  

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I had just realized something. Most of the crap that I blogged about this month made no sense at all. They were just a product of my insatiable desire for attention (cue vomit). I’m sorry.

Going South - by Imaginary Broken-Hearted Musician  

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One stupid phrase
That weird look on your face
Told me things are never gonna be the same

I told you how I felt
I just wanted to melt
Never knew exactly how to play your game

Things just got so weird
All the things that I feared
Came crashing down in my attempt to be real

Now you don’t take my calls
I’ve got nothing at all
Since the day I told you how I feel

I broke your trust I know
And I regret ever opening my mouth
But I couldn’t help it, its real
Now things between us are going south

Maybe you’d come back around
And things will fall back in to place
Its hard to stay alone in the dark

Bring us back to before
Friends and not more
Remembering our days in the park

(repeat chorus)

Going south
Going south

At least we’re getting somewhere.

(I honestly can't remember how this song goes, nor can I remember who or what this is for. what a load of crap, hehe.)

A Sad Day  

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Our nanny Choleng passed away Monday morning. I would like to thank everyone who prayed for her, and ask that we continue to pray for her soul. She will surely be missed.

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