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Okay, so I've been away for a long time. I mean, a really long time. I know my avid readers - both of them - must've been wondrin' where I was. Well I got nothing. I am here as an absentee writer without an excuse. Sure, I was brooding about my miserable pseudo-existence, just like I always do. Let's just go with that.

So, it's been a while but I think I can cook up another one of my infamous bullet blogs. Insert figurative drum roll here.

The long hiatus started at around the time i got sick, and the doctors had to stab me with huge intramuscular needles in order to cure me. Sick how? Watch me chuck the answer to that question into that chest full of stuff I probably will never ever write about.

Then I got busy planning roadtrip after roadtrip. I, along with co-conspirators Emman and Cpie, held headquarters at Gerardo's along Panay Avenue. Emman was in charge of transportation, him being a proud owner of a Mazda 3... 23. A white Mazda 323. I took care of that small matter called finances, and Cpie... well, she slept in the car a lot but she was our official "Mang Rudy". She took photos for video-graphic evidence. We're still planning our next roadtrip but we had gone to Cavite a couple of weeks ago to visit our long-lost friend Dhax. More on this trip when Cpie finally gets our photos from that trip uploaded. Oh, and on the off-hand possibility that you're reading this, Florentino Guinguyon II, comment on this post with your complete address in Pampanga. You're next.

Okay moving on. If you're one of those chumps who followed the story of me and my obsession, here's the latest scoop: "Obsession who?". I've long buried this topic in that chest with a long name that I mentioned earlier.

After months of contemplating, I finally got around to reformatting my PC. Now if we could only reformat life.

I recently attended our company's annual summer getaway. It was the very first company-sponsored event I've ever been to, after a year of slavery. Anyway, it was fun mainly because it was raining booze. There was so much booze some literally washed their feet with it. How'd their feet get dirty? The event was held on a golf course, and it rained. There was mud everywhere. But really, I thought it was okay. I just wished they hadn't used plastic cups. I never got used to drinking beer from plastic cups.

I feel a little distant lately, especially from my own team mates. Its like I don't know them anymore. Maybe it's because I feel so sick and tired of what I do at work, that being with them's starting to become less and less of a reason to stay.


On a more positive note, I got to see Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen with my team mates earlier today. I enjoyed the movie so much I'm planning on watching it again. The movie must really be worth the watch if an indiscriminate torrent-freak like me sees it in the theaters twice. Now I don't want to put in any spoilers but here are a few tidbits: Megatron's back, there are more Transformers in this movie, Bonecrusher makes a cameo appearance (so what?), and lookout for the hilarious former Decepticons (in the movie, at least) Wheelie and Jetfire. I nearly bust a gut laughing at Wheelie's antics. The action scenes were incredibly awesome too. And of course, Megan Fox is hot as ever. Even when she's dirty.

See what I mean?

Sleepy Tantrum  

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My mom had to call me out of my room to show me my nephew Keifer's antics. He just got home from school, changed clothes and sat in front of the computer to play without taking his afternoon nap. Naturally, mom admonished the poor kid and practically dragged him to bed while he screamed "Ayoko pa matulog!" over and over again. His tantrums had him slumping to the floor beside the bed, still screaming. The photo shows how mom saw him again a few minutes later. He doesn't even know how hilarious he is!

Road Trip  

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I developed a new hobby - road tripping! Here's somebody I haven't seen in a while, our ever pasaway friend
Cecille. This was taken at one of our road trips to Gerardo's.

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