Now What?  

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Well? I finally said goodbye. Now I’m about to jump ship and I’m a little nervous about starting all over again. I’m happy that I’m gradually moving up in my career but life never meant for anything to be so easy. Lo and behold, my apparently idiotic brother made another bad turn. Lucky for him God has been smiling on me or else.. I’d hate to think how our life would be otherwise. God I hope He knows what He’s doing. I’m putting all faith in Him now.

Fork in the Road  

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Talk about facing a huge fork in the road. Here I am about to make one of the biggest decisions in my life and I’m afraid of the repercussions of my actions. If I choose to go one way, I’ll be leaving behind all the people who’ve been with me for like forever. On the other hand, I’ll also be leaving those who I wished to have never existed too. The other path will take me to better heights and its really something I wanna do, or at least I think I do. I’m a bit confused, but I know what has to be done simply has to be done. I just feel sad about those I’d be leaving behind though. Oh well. We can’t have it all.

Road Trip!  

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This photo was taken on March 16, 2005 when our team went road trippin’ to Tagaytay. It was honestly my first time to go there and I must say I had so much fun. Hope we can do this again, with everyone present.

My New Toy!  

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This is my new toy, the Olympus MR-F10. Its a compact music player capable of supporting MP3, OGG, WMA, and MPEG 1, 2, 2.5, and audio layer 3 formats. Its sleek design allows it to be very light and wearable. And speaking of wearable, one cool thing I like about it is that the headphones also function as the necklace. So goodbye to dangling earphones when I’m not listening to music. The only downside is you can only charge its batteries thru USB. Meaning you need a computer to charge it. But that’s fine, I can always charge it at work, anyway the battery lasts a good 10 hrs before it runs out. You see I don’t have a computer at home. If any of you guys like it just leave a message, and I’ll tell you where I bought it and how much I had to dish out. I’m goin’ sound-trippin’!

Disgruntled Employee Syndrome  

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So here’s the low-down. Our team was in the headlines recently because of our issue with our coach. Most of the members on our team wanted out, including me. It wasn’t because we didn’t like him, but more like he wasn’t doing a very good job of managing the team.

Communication seemed so darn difficult ‘coz whenever we ask him something its either he replies with a completely irrelevant answer or we need to hire a translator to understand what he’s trying to say! He seems to have good control over his English, sooo good that he places words wherever he wants to put them in a sentence.

A friend of mine called it "verbal harassment" - or harassment of verbs.

And that's IF he manages to say the RIGHT words. I know I sound insulting but I just can’t help but think about the future of this team. So what management did was they talked to us and we aired out our concerns. They say they’ll try to fix this but I’m doubtful. I heard on the grapevine that they’re planning to make things look like its the team’s fault why we’re having this problem. And for me if that’s true then that may be the last straw. Hell if management gets to read this this could even be used against me. Oh well. Personally, I don’t care. I just hope things work out before I make a concrete decision of transferring to another company. I think they call this condition as "Disgruntled Employee Syndrome". Anyone else suffering from this knows how depressing and confusing it feels. God Bless this team. *sigh*

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