Trick or Treat! Halloween Costumes!  

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Before we jump into the Yuletide festivities and welcome jolly old Saint Nick back as he plummets through the chimney, let's talk about costumes - Halloween costumes. I've compiled a few of my choice picks, but I promise you'll never see me wearing any of them. Besides, if I did, you wouldn't know anyway.

So here are a few Halloween costume suggestions.

Pyramid Head - He's the dude from Silent Hill. A lot of the other monsters in the film look a helluva lot scarier than this guy but his get-up's much easier to reproduce. All you need is a cardboard pyramid over your head, a huge fake cleaver and some abs. That's my friend Daryl at our company's Halloween party two years ago. Or I think it was him. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was him.

Kratos - The war deity from the game God of War. He's still an easy make as all you need is some red body paint and a gaudy pair of medieval pants. Throw in some chains and fake weapons and you've really got something. Oh, and you're supposed to scowl a lot too. Abs, as shown in the photo, can apparently be optional.

Michael Jackson - I know, right? The King of Pop's popularity continues post mortem. I wouldn't make him my first choice, but I have a feeling you're gonna see Jackos everywhere soon. His look requires less prepping because you can practically buy the suit just about everywhere. Just don't forget to grab your crotch as often as you can when you're in character.

Dick - I honestly don't know who this guy is but I bet at least one of those things is real. If you're going to a costume party wearing this, stay away from the guy wearing the Michael Jackson outfit. And bring around seventy condoms just in case you get lucky with the girl in the Tifa Lockheart costume.

So, there you have 'em. Have fun this Halloween! I just want to get it over with so we can move on to Christmas, and presents. Presents! Yey!

The War Within  

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What now?

I am among the many of us who live a life of indecision . If life was a glass of water, some would see that it was half-filled while some would think of it as half-empty. I'd see it as just a plain old glass of water. I straddle the fence, I shilly-shally, and I keep delaying the inevitable. I keep denying the impending. I refuse to accept that I have to make something of my life, and soon.

Whether my life will be half-empty or half-full, I do not know yet.

As a believer of science I have made it a habit to observe keenly and study my options before making any conclusions. Facts don't lie, I say. Then again, as a believer in God I accept that sometimes you just simply have to take a leap of faith.

I'm just having a hard time making that leap right now.

Until then, I wallow in the pits of uncertainty. I struggle to live a borrowed existence pretending that it's mine. What I make of it is undetermined. What happens next is a surprise.

The battle rages on inside my head. This war has been going on for ages, and neither side has gained a clear advantage. It's sense versus desire, religion versus science, good versus evil; and this accursed pay-per-view has already had so many reruns in my day.

I just hope that when things start making sense around here I'd still be able to breathe.

Angels and Bullets  

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I had been successful at concealing bullet blogs underneath some of my recent posts, but I think this one won't be so inconspicuous.

This whole post will be riddled with bullets. Not those stupid dots that you usually see, but invisible, intangible ones that only seem to make sense to me.

Lio hates these what-i-did-today kind of posts. I know, one less reader right? Who's gonna read this now? Seriously Lio, come back.

Anyway, coming to work still feels weird and sickening. Like I really care if your Internet connection's ridiculously slow or is as intermittent as my chain of thought, right? That's not my problem. But it's my job to fix it so shut the fuck up and do as I say.

Man I wish I could really say that.

An angel sat next to me at work today. I think her name was Arianne, or something. Yeah, I'm stalking her now. I'm a real ladies' man.

I miss my phone. The voice in my head won't shut up about it.

Lightning hit our street last night. Yes, the street. It was raining. Our neighbors, a bunch of half-naked bozos drinking on the street while betting on horses actually saw the lightning bolt hit the wet concrete. Everybody heard the loud crack when electricity met water. Too bad it didn't hit any of them drunk geezers. That would've been something.

I'm starting to think I might have some real anger management issues. I get so cranky when I'm hungry (still struggling with the diet), or when I don't get enough shuteye. Sometimes I feel like I want to hit someone. It's a scary thought.

I've been downloading like a horny teenager does with porn, except that I'm not a teenager and I wasn't downloading porn. This week I saw new episodes of Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, Ben 10, Smallville and Bones. I also saw the new Star Trek movie and I kept thinking Spock was gonna cut somebody's head open. Oh, and I also laughed my guts out while watching Ice Age 3. A typical week in the life of a pirate.

Mom's been badgering me all week about a loan that she says I should make. I'll probably give in to what she wants before month's end. After all, I'm filthy rich and I'll be able to pay back any debt all by myself. Yeah right.

Did I say this post was gonna be riddled with bullets? I forgot to say it will also be smothered in sarcasm.

I really should start blogging more about the happy stuff. Then again, where's the fun in that?

"Oh crap."

A Phenomenologik Goodbye  

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Is this the beginning of the end?

Today my phenomenologik friend submitted her resignation. Part of me feels sad to hear about her impending exodus, but another part of me envies her for being so close to freedom. She's been like a more responsible little sister to me and I can't help feeling mixed emotions. Oh well.

I've been on hiatus for a few weeks and for me that was as close to freedom as I could ever ask for. When I came back, things seemed very different - and not in a good way. Oh it's still the same old vicious cyclic routine work-wise, but it's a completely different story when it comes to the people I work with. I feel like I hardly know them. I feel more alone than ever.

Forgive me, I know this is more of a "dear diary" kind of thing rather than a blog post but I can't help it. I've had nobody to talk to recently, so again I resort to splashing my thoughts around in front of a faceless crowd.

I miss the old days. I miss the old people I hang with. I miss all the parties, the gigs. I miss my youth. I miss not having to worry about consequences. I miss the old me.

I really hope the next life's better than this one.

Where I'm from, Everyone's a Hero  

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This is so true.

I'm not just talking about those who risked their lives during the Ondoy holocaust. No, I'm talking about every Filipino who strives towards a better Philippines each and every day. Doctors who heal the sick, teachers who mold our youth, engineers who literally build a better Philippines - in my mind, everyone is a hero.

Of course, I would've also made my own design that says "Where I'm from, every politician is a crook.".

Just kidding. Maybe.

note: Design credit goes to Mark Gosingtian. I really love that shirt.


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Her sobs go unnoticed in the dark alley. Blood-soaked, hurt and half-naked, 17-year old Katie struggles to keep hold of her sanity while the rain vainly tries to wash away her guilt.

She knew this was all her fault.

Marco's body lay meters away from where Katie slumped. He was quiet. He looked nothing like the horrible beast that just a couple of hours ago ravaged her over and over again behind a dumpster in that dimly lit alley on Third Street. Now, the beast is dead.

Unable to walk, she stared at the .45 caliber pistol still clutched tightly in her shaking hand, the same gun that her drug dealer Marco used to rape her at gunpoint. It was the same weapon that killed the beast.

She had only been using for 5 months. Marco was a college drop out who gave her crystal meth at her high school soiree. Her eventual addiction made her steal money from her parents, or take off with various things that she would sell off for drugs like jewelry or small appliances. A week ago her last deal with Marco went fatally south. He gave her more meth and she promised to pay him back. The next day her dad caught her stealing his cellphone and she ended up running away.

When Marco found out she couldn't pay him back, he went ballistic. He caught up with Katie and demanded that she pay him back somehow. They argued, and Katie made a run for it. She got cornered in a dark alley. Then the monster reared its ugly head. It dragged her behind one of the dumpsters just as the rain started. The storm raged on even as the monster continued to devour Katie. No one could hear her scream.

Her ordeal only ended when she got hold of the gun. They fought for it and she accidentally pulled the trigger. Next thing she knew the monster that was Marco fell with a sickening thud, blood all over his chest. Katie was terrified. She didn't know what to do.

As the police sirens drew nearer, Katie put the gun to her mouth. Her last thoughts were about regret and retribution. She closed her eyes and it was all over.

The hand that held the gun fell lifelessly to the ground. She had just become another statistic.

Ondoy: More Stories of Tragedy and Inspiration  

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Typhoon "Ondoy" has left our shores but not before leaving a trail of destruction and creating countless tales of inspiration. I was going through the news over the world wide thingamajiggy tonight and I came across a few articles that really caught my attention.

The first is a story of tragedy.

Former Philippine Basketball Association chairman Tony Chua was found dead in the aftermath of tyhoon Ondoy's onslaught. He drowned while he was apparently trudging the flood waters to get to his car near his residence in Cainta, Rizal. Being a big PBA fan, I was deeply saddened by his death. I sincerely offer my condolences to his family, and I would like to say that the PBA has indeed suffered a great loss with his untimely death.

The second story is heart-warming.

More than 600 inmates at the Mandaue City Provincial Jail have volunteered to skip one meal last September 30 and donate their rations to flood victims in Metro Manila. Their donation of four sacks of rice and several canned goods was coursed through the Office of the President through the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the National Disaster Coordinating Council. Even convicted criminals have a heart.

The third story basically sums up the online story of typhoon Ondoy.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter turned into disaster response hot lines as more and more concerned individuals continued to post tweets and status messages that were more like up-to-the-minute reports on the situation in areas affected by typhoon Ondoy. They provided information about missing persons or directions on where to route emergency relief assistance. This was definitely bayanihan in the twenty-first century.

As sportscaster Mico Halili put it, typhoon Ondoy was the "grim equalizer". For once in our society, prejudices and social status were rendered meaningless. Doctors, lawyers, celebrities, construction workers and even convicted criminals were united in dealing with the tragedy. Thousands of volunteers went out of their way to help those who were struck down by the calamity. In the face of adversity, every Juan dela Cruz stepped up and became a hero.

What a great nation of heroes the Philippines is.

Cebu Daily News
GMA News

addendum: Reach out, lend a hand. More information on how to help those who were hit by typhoon Ondoy can be found on Super Bianca's blog, and on this site.

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