Good ‘ol Days!  

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I was just bumming around, surfin’ the net (illegally) when I suddenly thought of the good ‘ol days with my former team. I thought of each of them and here’s a run-down of some of my fondest memories with ‘em. Miss you guys! (Cheesy! That’s it, no more booze for me! Yeah right.)
  • JAO - Tropa ever since, mentor ko sa gitara and ang nagpakilala sa’kin sa buhay call center. Siya ba ang dapat sisihin?
  • CYRUS - Pinaka-malakas sa inuman! Ay di pala.. I’ll never forget the time when he.. dun kina Gabat.. na may sword pa sa likod nya.. Yeah this guy’s gonna go places!
  • ZEE - Rookie of da year! Isa sa mga pinaka-bibo sa team! Di ko makaklimutan ung 15 seconds of fame niya sa isang classic biscuit commercial..
  • MIKI - Hanggang nayon di ko pa rin alam ang tamang spelling ng nick nya.. but this guy’s funny and smart.. and was mistreated by the chinese oppressors along with all the other victims.. si Jao kasi eh.
  • LYN - sweet, and laging maasahan.. laging kasama sa inuman at yosihan despite the fact na di naman siya nagbibisyo.. makulay ang lovelife parang coloring book.. rock on!
  • MIA - ang prinsesa ng team.. she’s really smart and funny.. so funny na pati siya natatawa when we make fun of her.. pero it was always good clean fun.. i really consider her as a good friend despite what other people say ’bout her.. jerks beware..
  • DEE - ang nagpa-uso sa celebridee status.. fun to be with.. and without.. rocker sa videoke lalo na pag napanuod nyo siya ng live.. tekkie na mahilig sa pekkie.. hehe natawa ko dun ha.. latest victim ng chinese dictatorship
  • VENI - my ka-love team! hehe.. responsible mom.. good friend..
  • LEE - loyal.. tago ang kakulitan.. silent water runs deep.. striped long sleeves..
  • VANNIE - pretty and silent.. deadly combination.. she’s really great once you get to be on her good side.. our own little madam..
  • GEORGE - ha! gentle giant.. uh, ok Zee so he’s not so gentle.. another heavy drinker.. not..
  • RACKY - sassy.. she’s ok. lots of laughs when we get together
  • PX - self-proclaimed halaman.. i wonder if she knows she’s pretty.. reyna ng kakulitan.. bawal hindi tumawa pag kasama siya sa kwentuhan.. kasi di mo rin naman mapipigilan eh..
  • BOB - batang promil.. isa pa sa mga kalog ang utak na di ko makakalimutan.. kasi ksama ko rin siya d2 sa new job ko.. tekkie din and is also a good tropa..
  • DOOBIE - hehe.. inglisera/ro.. hanep sa comm skills, although I can’t say the same for her driving skills.. watch out for the lady crossing the street! &#$%@^%#! phew!
  • DINO - human pantry! yeah i thought he was ok, and i still think he is.. i just don’t understand why he.. oh well.. next!
  • RICHARD - kwelang PS pero may topak rin kung minsan.. friends of ol.. kung sino man si ol..
  • PETTY - boss kenkoy.. magaling mag-swimming kahit nasa madulas na marble floor.. nana nananana.. the best coach i’ve ever had.
  • BURNZ - adopted team member.. one of my closest friends kasi training pa lang fwends na kami.. lab naming lahat si Burnz.. di ba Zee? hehe..
The other guys (Rally, Sarah, Hannah, Sean, Ryan, Andrew, Carlo, Paul, Marco, Joy, Raine.. hope I’m not forgetting anybody), though I never got to spend much time with you guyz di ko pa rin kayo kakalimutan.. Kelangan ko lang tapusin tong blog na to now na kasi uwi nko. Salamat sa KPROXY!

This is still the best group of people I've ever worked with.

I Wanna Scream!!  

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And that’s exactly how I feel. I’m in a rut. I am honestly sick and tired of what I’m doing everyday but I can’t get out of it. I need to do this. My family needs me to do this. I know I sound selfish, and I do believe I’m starting to think about myself too much lately, but hell I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years now and I desperately need a change of pace. I’m grateful for the rewards that I get for what I do and I really don’t mind doing it, its just that those rewards barely stay in my pockets for more than 3 days, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how we can get out of this vicious cycle. I just pray that He gives me the strentgh to hold on because I know this can’t go on forever. Sooner or later things will work out fine for all of us. I hope. Somebody throw me a lifejacket. Or a straightjacket. Sheesh.

Music Madness  

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What can I say!? Here’s a review. (edit - yeah, right.) I’m going gaga over my toy (shown here)! Now that I’ve found a way to download stuff at work, I’ve had the chance to get the music that I want and save it in my player! Good stuff, great buy. Good music! Old school rocks!

Cavite Trip!  

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Well here I am again in Cavite visiting some old friends here. I was glad to be out of my usual environment for once. Too bad Emman wasn’t here. I got the chance to check out Ria’s new PC. Its actually surprisingly fast for a system with wireless internet. Although download times are a bit slow (and except for the fact that its not protected from spyware), her PC’s doing just fine. Until of course the spyware problem starts corrupting her files that is. Aight.. til next time!

Anybody Got a Solution to This?  

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I got this nasty virus problem, or at least I think I do. You see I get this pesky "Colgatee" folder whenever I connect my phone to my PC. I can’t delete the friggin’ bugger and the only way I can get rid of it is to back up all my files and reformat my memory card. That’s kinda annoying, you see. If anybody has had this problem before just leave a message. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

New Page  

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Well here I am starting anew at Siemens. So far its been enjoyable, although I am still undergoing training so I can’t really tell if life here is easier than what I had with Sony.

Training has been fun and educational, even though the tools (Siebel 7.5) are not very user-friendly. Everybody here’s comparing it with DellServe because most of the people here came from Dell.

There’s only a small number of people who came from Sony here, although I would think that that small number made a big impact on Sony with regards to manpower. I think they call it “high attrition ratio“. Considering the small population of agents at Sony, let’s just say they have to hire more people now.

Another enjoyable fact about Siemens, in comparison to Sony is the compensation. Obviously a lot of people have heard about the salary, that’s why there are always a lot of applicants here everyday. The pay is a respectable number in this industry, (I guess) for a tech support agent. Especially because the support we can provide is very limited (?), in the sense that we only troubleshoot one product line - Toshiba notebooks. That means no desktops, no digital cameras, no DVD players or VCR’s. Although the number of submodels is comparable with the number of models we used to supportat Sony, including all LOB’s. But having said that, I’m actually looking forward to having a fruitful and enjoyable experience here. I hope we all do.

Goodbye Enui..  

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Another painful lesson learned. Sometimes those we treasure the most are the ones taken away fom us. Its so sad when you realize that she’s no longer there. The past few months felt like they went by so quickly. Oh what a tragedy…

Ennui’s my guitar, by the way. It fell over last night and broke. Aww crap. Anybody got tissue? *sob*

Now What?  

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Well? I finally said goodbye. Now I’m about to jump ship and I’m a little nervous about starting all over again. I’m happy that I’m gradually moving up in my career but life never meant for anything to be so easy. Lo and behold, my apparently idiotic brother made another bad turn. Lucky for him God has been smiling on me or else.. I’d hate to think how our life would be otherwise. God I hope He knows what He’s doing. I’m putting all faith in Him now.

Fork in the Road  

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Talk about facing a huge fork in the road. Here I am about to make one of the biggest decisions in my life and I’m afraid of the repercussions of my actions. If I choose to go one way, I’ll be leaving behind all the people who’ve been with me for like forever. On the other hand, I’ll also be leaving those who I wished to have never existed too. The other path will take me to better heights and its really something I wanna do, or at least I think I do. I’m a bit confused, but I know what has to be done simply has to be done. I just feel sad about those I’d be leaving behind though. Oh well. We can’t have it all.

Road Trip!  

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This photo was taken on March 16, 2005 when our team went road trippin’ to Tagaytay. It was honestly my first time to go there and I must say I had so much fun. Hope we can do this again, with everyone present.

My New Toy!  

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This is my new toy, the Olympus MR-F10. Its a compact music player capable of supporting MP3, OGG, WMA, and MPEG 1, 2, 2.5, and audio layer 3 formats. Its sleek design allows it to be very light and wearable. And speaking of wearable, one cool thing I like about it is that the headphones also function as the necklace. So goodbye to dangling earphones when I’m not listening to music. The only downside is you can only charge its batteries thru USB. Meaning you need a computer to charge it. But that’s fine, I can always charge it at work, anyway the battery lasts a good 10 hrs before it runs out. You see I don’t have a computer at home. If any of you guys like it just leave a message, and I’ll tell you where I bought it and how much I had to dish out. I’m goin’ sound-trippin’!

Disgruntled Employee Syndrome  

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So here’s the low-down. Our team was in the headlines recently because of our issue with our coach. Most of the members on our team wanted out, including me. It wasn’t because we didn’t like him, but more like he wasn’t doing a very good job of managing the team.

Communication seemed so darn difficult ‘coz whenever we ask him something its either he replies with a completely irrelevant answer or we need to hire a translator to understand what he’s trying to say! He seems to have good control over his English, sooo good that he places words wherever he wants to put them in a sentence.

A friend of mine called it "verbal harassment" - or harassment of verbs.

And that's IF he manages to say the RIGHT words. I know I sound insulting but I just can’t help but think about the future of this team. So what management did was they talked to us and we aired out our concerns. They say they’ll try to fix this but I’m doubtful. I heard on the grapevine that they’re planning to make things look like its the team’s fault why we’re having this problem. And for me if that’s true then that may be the last straw. Hell if management gets to read this this could even be used against me. Oh well. Personally, I don’t care. I just hope things work out before I make a concrete decision of transferring to another company. I think they call this condition as "Disgruntled Employee Syndrome". Anyone else suffering from this knows how depressing and confusing it feels. God Bless this team. *sigh*


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Hey thanks to those who took time to read my blogs lately. I’ve been flooded by a ton of messages on my cbox from very gracious people who have appreciated the way my blog looks. Big thanks! If you guys wanna know how I did it just add me up or send a message. I’ll be happy to show you. Thanks again!

More Books Online!  

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Here are two more books that I found online. Good reading, I’m on the second one myself. Can anybody say Dan Brown Fan?

Deception Point and Digital Fortress.

Note that the links to the e-books no longer work.

Relay Calls  

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For those of you who work in a call center you guys must have heard of relay calls. Those calls wherein you dont actually speak with the customer but instead you speak with an operator who relays to you the customers’ information. The customer in turn types in their questions to the operator via chat or text service. These types of calls usually take a LONG time to finish. So long that I often wonder how the relay operators can stay patient in doing it. I think of the operator and i realize I’m glad I don’t have her job. Enormous patience I tell ‘ya. Imagine having to end each sentence that you or she says with "Go ahead" to confirm that you’re done with the message. I’m actually on a relay call now and its taking so long for the customer to reply that I can update my blogs while speaking with the operator. The operator types in my instructions and relays it to the customer and she reads to me the customer’s reply. And here I thought I had the shittiest job! Ü


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I still have access!! Our IT people here at work found a way to prevent access to Friendster, so I initially thought that was the end of my blog-life.. but lo and behold! Thanks to a proxy website that a friend of mine referred me to, I have access! In your faces! Let the good times roll!

Here Comes Two-Oh-Oh-Six!!  

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Well the past year went like a blast! Oh-five saw a lot of things happen that I can barely remember all of the good (and the bad) things that have happenned, but here are a few things that stood out:
  1. I did quite well at work and almost got promoted twice. Though I almost lost my job because of what a friend and I did. But it was the same friend who saved me, and he got fired because of it. I still owe you one bro!
  2. Actually I got two jobs this year, although the second one I still need to get a little more focused on. The company I previously worked in took me back so I now have two jobs, isn’t life grand?
  3. A lot of my friends had their babies this year, so oh-five was like the birth of the next generation of the gang.
  4. FPJ fans commemorated his first death anniversary. (So?)
  5. I met someone, and lost her the same year.
  6. Friendships became so much stronger, and I found some really good friends worth keeping for a lifetime.
  7. Bands like Hale and Cueshe came out with one-hit-wonders. (again, so?)
  8. The Nadiz got reunited!
  9. Some of my teammates at work got promoted, others got fired, and others just quit. We went through three coaches this year, and I guess you could say that what the team went through was like a roller coaster, with team members coming in and out and all the controversy that has hounded this group. But we made it through.
  10. I got replaced as Music Ministry adviser, but that was perfectly OK with me. I was going to let go of that position anyway, because of my night schedule at work. I’m happy that the guy who replaced me was actually the person who I was going to recommend as the new adviser.
In retrospect, two-oh-oh-five had been great, and I am looking forward to a blessed and fruitful oh-six. I just feel grateful for every blessing that I received and every experience I have gained. Surely, two-oh-oh-six would have so much more in store for everyone. Have a blessed and prosperous New Year!! Ü

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