Smile Ebenezer, Its Christmas!  

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Can you feel the warm Christmas air as it blows happiness and cheer to everyone? Can you just imagine the look on that kid's face when he sees all those gifts under the tree? Can you see how wonderful this night is as you listen to the music of Christmas?

I sure can't. Bah-humbug.

Well no, not really. I'll admit that it's not exactly the Christmas that I had in mind for my family this year. I was hoping we could all be together this year, since I'll be home and unemployed and my brother will be on leave from work. Well, he is on leave but he ain't home. He's spending Christmas with his in-laws. So I heave a big Christmas sigh.

But for what its worth I'm gonna make tonight as merry as I can for my Mom. If anyone deserves a merry Christmas it's her.

So to Mom, and to all of my avid readers (yes, both of you), and to those who just happened to hop on my blog...

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gising Lawian: The Tagalog Experiment  

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Sa mumunting kaisipan ni Lawian ay malayang nakapaglalaro ang mga demonyo. Ang mga talipandas na humaharot sa kamangmangan ng ating salinglahi ay siya ring mga sumasalasa sa kanyang kamusmusan. Ang hari ng mga demonyo ay nagwika, "Huwag ninyong salingin ang isang ito. Siya ay atin at tayo ay sa Kanya."

Mistulang naging mangmang ang mga hudas na gumagambala sa gabi, at tumigil sila sa pagdudukal. Sa kabila ng kanilang pag-aalinlangan ay kawing-kawing silang tumungo sa tulay-lagusan. Habang patuloy ang paglalakbay ni Lawian sa kanyang daigdig na kathang-isip lamang ay napansin niyang nakangisi sa kanya ang haring bulaan, nagbubunyi sa kanyag kadakilaan. Nagbabadya ng panganib ang mga tanikalang nakabalumbon sa gilid nito. Isa-isang nagliyab ang mga demonyo. Nilalamon sila ng bangin.

"Simula na ng katapusan!" bulalas ng mapagpalang Payaso. Niyapos ni Lawian ang kamay ng Payaso habang palalim na itinatarak ang kris sa dibdib nito. Saglit na nagsayaw ang Payaso, nag-alumpihit, at pagkatapos ay nilubayan na siya ng kamalayan. Bumaba na siya ng entablado. Naibsan na ang alimpuyo ng karahasan. Nagsisimula na nga ang wakas.

Iminulat ni Lawian ang kanyang mga mata, at ang mga kerubing nagmamasid mula sa mga alapaap ay naging abo. Sa kabila nang kanyang pagtitika para sa nasawing Payaso ay namumutawi pa rin sa kanyang mga duguang labi ang isang makislap na bahaghari.

The Mind Wipe and Imprint Phenomenon  

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It's the break of dawn and I know I have to get some shut-eye. Partying? Hardly. I'm nose-deep in work - which I am happy to do because I eventually get paid - but I have to let this out first. I'm calling this my "blog break".

I am so heartbroken! I've been watching a dead-show-walking; it's called Dollhouse. I have to say, it's got quite a morally gray tone to it - but being the sick, twisted brain that I am, I don't mind at all. In fact, I love the show. I am sad to hear that FOX had cancelled it. They're just going through the rest of season 2 then they're pulling the plug on Dollhouse. It's like Firefly all over again.

Incidentally, Dollhouse, as is Firefly, is another Joss Whedon creation. It's about an illegal underground operation that involves erasing the thoughts and personalities of human beings, turning them into "dolls", and replacing their thoughts with programmed personalities. In other words, they make people into dolls, and they make dolls do whatever they want them to do. Yes, "morally gray" just doesn't do it justice.

Now I'm not here to write up a sassy review. If you were under a rock for the past 2 years or so, and you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, Google it. But please, allow me to explore the idea. Wouldn't it be something if you were allowed to wipe yourself off, give yourself a clean slate, and then be programmed, or "imprinted", with a different personality? Human trafficking becomes human programming.

Chaos. Now that's a thought worth keeping.

Imagine yourself being a doctor today without having to study for 10 years. Be a doctor for a day, then a pole-dancing stripper the next. You can be anybody. But ironically, you're nobody too. You could be a highly trained assassin, or an innocent school teacher. Asking a kid "What do you want to be when you grow up?" will lose its meaning. Education would be worthless. Morality would be virtually non-existent. Psychology, as a science, would simply cease to exist.

The last time I felt like this was the moment right after I saw The Matrix for the first time; lots of ooh's and aah's. It's a totally mind-blowing mental orgasm. As the all-powerful Yuri says, the mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. Who knows what secrets can be unlocked in the deepest recesses of your brain. Who do you want to be?

I can almost see the evil wheels turning in your heads.

Promotional poster for Dollhouse
(image from Imp Awards)

Straddling Bridges  

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I just know this post is gonna be so lame, but here we go.

You know how there are some boundaries that should never be crossed, such as friendship, or the law? There's always the risk that if you cross the proverbial line you can never, ever go back, and you'll end up in a really bad place. It's like shattering mirrors; no matter how many times you try to stick all the pieces together you can never get a clear reflection again. The mirror's already broken. You're already broken. You look at yourself in the broken mirror and all you see are fragments. That's seven years bad luck, but it could be worse.

No matter how you look at it, some things simply can't be undone. There are decisions in life that only have a one-way ticket. There can be no such thing as turning back, no u-turns in the road of life. That's why the world only spins in one direction. Say all the cliche's you could think of but those couldn't take back what you would have already lost. Will it be worth all the risk? Will she ever be worth it? Now that I'm standing on one end, only one logical question comes to mind. If getting across that stupid bridge means trouble then somebody please explain to me...

... why the hell do I want to cross it so badly?

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