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Well here I am starting anew at Siemens. So far its been enjoyable, although I am still undergoing training so I can’t really tell if life here is easier than what I had with Sony.

Training has been fun and educational, even though the tools (Siebel 7.5) are not very user-friendly. Everybody here’s comparing it with DellServe because most of the people here came from Dell.

There’s only a small number of people who came from Sony here, although I would think that that small number made a big impact on Sony with regards to manpower. I think they call it “high attrition ratio“. Considering the small population of agents at Sony, let’s just say they have to hire more people now.

Another enjoyable fact about Siemens, in comparison to Sony is the compensation. Obviously a lot of people have heard about the salary, that’s why there are always a lot of applicants here everyday. The pay is a respectable number in this industry, (I guess) for a tech support agent. Especially because the support we can provide is very limited (?), in the sense that we only troubleshoot one product line - Toshiba notebooks. That means no desktops, no digital cameras, no DVD players or VCR’s. Although the number of submodels is comparable with the number of models we used to supportat Sony, including all LOB’s. But having said that, I’m actually looking forward to having a fruitful and enjoyable experience here. I hope we all do.


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