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Today our family’s nanny for over 30 years, Choleng, suffered her second stroke, and I really felt sorry for her. Even though there were times when our relationship with her was less than perfect, her loyalty to all of us has made her a part of the family. I suddenly realized that we were not prepared for a sudden loss in the family. To be honest, I was terrified by the thought that the very same thing could happen to mom. I know it is inevitable but I pray that He strengthens me when the time comes. Choleng is now 75 years old and she’s still very loyal and dependable, although age has already caught up with her. I ask everyone who shares a little of their time to read my blogs to spend a few more seconds to say a quiet little prayer for Choleng. She deserves it.

note: Choleng passed away soon after this post. I'd like to thank everyone who shared their prayers with us then.


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