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Talk about foul moods.

Aside from the stress brought about by issues with domestic finances, I am also currently extremely annoyed by all these neighbors walking in and out of the house like it was a goddamn mall or something. Excuse me folks, this will be a whine-fest.

The people who live in the room which Mom rented out brought in family today; an old geezer who lights his cigarettes inside the house right in front of my niece and nephews; a small filthy looking woman and her greasy kid; and I believe there was another kid about 5 to 6 years old whose voice was so loud and annoying you'd think he had swallowed a toad or something.

These people who have lived in the other room for more than 3 years have been taking up all my space, using up the water in the bathroom, and breathing in all my air. I feel so boxed in it's suffocating. The mother scolds my niece and nephew for the littlest things, and I really find that intrusive. She has absolutely no right to reprimand those kids. Those kids' folks and grandmother lets them rent one of the rooms in the house. It would be nice if they showed us some gratitude.

The youngest kid in that family is an absolute moocher. I think he's about 10 or 11 years old, overweight, and he bullies my niece and nephew when we aren't looking. He tries to get away with playing games on one of the computers for free under the guise of helping my nephew play. Sure it starts out that way, but as soon as I turn around I come back later only to find that he's holding the mouse and playing the game himself, while my nephew just watches. He also takes food from the kids, and never gives any food to them. Oh my blood is absolutely boiling.

The father and the older boy annoys me by simply using our bathroom. Of course, the house only has one bathroom so sharing was inevitable. Hide your dinner folks because this is gonna make everything you ate come right back up. Daddy stinky and older brother stinky use the toilet everyday, and for some godforsaken reason their accursed stench stays in the bathroom hours after they leave. Mom doesn't seem to notice, but I happen to have a keen sense of smell, which is something I often find hard to decide if it is a gift or a curse.

We had to rent out one of the rooms in the house back then when Dad died and we needed some sort of income. But it's been several years now and I know Mom has grown attached to these scumbags. After all, when my brother and I were at work, these people kept my mother company. But I have reached the end of my rope. I honestly feel that these people have overstayed their welcome. Sure they pay alright, but I need a bigger room now. They're occupying one that was MY room to begin with. If it were up to me I'd have them move out right now, but Mom won't have any of it. She'll let them stay for as long as they can pay the rent. I'm seriously contemplating the idea of moving out of this wretched house myself. The walls are starting to close in anyway.

On top of it all, just now San Miguel Beer lost to B-Meg Derby Ace in Game 2 of their semifinal series, further souring my mood. I also had this nasty toothache all day and I figured that if I could get some blood circulating underneath those gums the pain might go away. So I played basketball this afternoon, and ended up hurting my knee. Now I have a bum knee and my tooth still hurts. And I have yet to find the inspiration I need for my next feeble attempt at literary greatness.

Isn't being me such a dandy?


everything has an end, buddy! that's all i can say.

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