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I don't usually write about silly Facebook games, but this one really caught my fancy. I know everybody's either icing Mafia bosses, planting potatoes on their Farm, or building Restaurants in their City, but not me. I've played some of these games and I either get bored and tired of it after some time, or something important yet uninteresting comes up (such as work, LOL) that I have to let go of the mouse and stop playing.

This time however, I find myself enthralled by this game called Car Town. The gameplay is pretty much like any other Facebook game, in the sense that you have to perform tasks and interact with other players in order to collect coins and obtain the necessary experience points to level up. What I personally like about he game is the ability to create my very own custom car designs. I'm at level 20 now and I still look forward to finishing that paint job so I can get the coins I need to purchase that sleek Viper or Camaro.

I know I'll get tired of the game too eventually, but I will always have these unique car designs to remember it by. For now however, let's race!

My original designs, all made with MS Paint: (clockwise) DX Army 2005 Ford Mustang GT, Red Horse Muziklaban 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, San Miguel Beermen 2007 Cadillac Escalade, Bumblebee Prime 1967 Volkswagen Classic Beetle


Ah, meron bang Audi R8 jan. 'pag meron maglalaro na ko! :p

Aw, sadly wala pa. But I think the developers are working on including it.

Laro ka na ren anyway, there are other sweet rides naman eh. Race tayo hehe.

eh meron ba dyan na owner type jeep?

hehe wala eh. beep beep!

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