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So believe me when I say that this is a compliment - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows wasn't as big a disappointment as I thought it would be. 

I got out of work this morning and was pleasantly surprised when my friend and colleague Jie told me that one of our other co-workers, Elmer, was asking if we wanted to go see the latest installment of the Harry Potter movie series. So we went, and were part of the crowd that gathered early at the cinemas waiting to see the much anticipated movie. I have to say, apart from the usual bad casting of characters and the expected departure from the storyline, this movie didn't do so bad. 

Not the scene I was talking about.
There was this scene though that really bothered the behjeezus out of me. Ron had just left the group after a heated and horcrux-infused verbal tussle with Harry, and Hermione was obviously distraught. In an effort to cheer her up, Harry took her by the hand, led her up and danced with her inside their tent. I seriously don't remember reading this part of the book, where Harry danced like a faggot at a fricking gay pride parade. Once that scene hits Youtube I'll post it on my Facebook, just to make you guys laugh out loud. I've got nothing against the gay population, by the way. So please do not misquote me. 

I sincerely liked that scene though, where Hermione obliviated her folks to make them forget that they even had a daughter. It was very touching. 

Speaking of touching, Emma Watson looked oh so stunning. That scene where the horcrux-locket went berserk and showed Ron its corrupted version of Harry and Hermione kissing made me think about whether they did that scene entirely with computer animation or if they actually shot a scene with Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe and just edited it. Either way, evil Hermione was h-o-t.

And the trend of badly miscasted characters continued. If you thought Professor Slughorn didn't look the part in the last embarrassment of a movie, wait until you see the actors that played Rufus Scrimgeour and Pius Thicknesse. If you've read the book more than seven times like me you'll know what I mean.

Thankfully, Dobby's death was just as I imagined it would be. Rest in peace dear Dobby, a free house-elf. Just between you and me Jie, I did cry. Don't tell anyone. 

So after the movie we ate, and this plate of tofu magically appeared at our table. As if some wizard conjured it up from nothing, which incidentally violates one of the basic wizarding laws. 

Tofu, anyone? Anyone?
I can't wait to see how well they'll do the Battle of Hogwarts. Epic or bust. Here's to waiting out another few months for the completion of the Harry Potter film series. Wingardium Leviosa!


Suprised you with this last (second to the last) installment of the HO series eh?

My next question would is that - did these characters how maturity? from HP1 to this?

Oh they matured alright. Just look at Hermione Granger. Drooool.


I think so too! It wasn't as bad as Half-blood.. :D

And yeah, Scrim---forgot-the-spelling, was really laughable. I think whoever casted him or did his make-up made Twilight their inspiration since the Minister's suppose to be a vampire.. O_O;;

And I hate the fact that they didn't include the "Dumbledore's man through and through" scene.. One of my faves..:(

Dobby! *cries*

haha! would you believe me if i said "putangina! baklang-bakla ang puta!" during that gayish potter scene?

it's not a disappointment though. pretty much liked it, honestly. can't wait for the final installment next july. now that is THE deathly hallows!

@essie: yeah, they should've put that scene in. Scrimgeour didn't really do so much in the movie, but he was pretty significant in the book. do you think they intentionally made a pass at Twilight when Ron said "My mum always said Twilight to make it sound scarier" (or something like that) when Hermione was reading Beedle Bard's story about the 3 Peverel brothers?

@lio: yup, despite the gay potter moment the movie wasn't half as bad as i thought. pat David Yates on the back for me ok?

Baliktad beanskie! Ron said, "Midnight, my mum always said midnight to make it sound scarier." (something like that din)while Hermione read it was during twilight. And no, fufufu, I don't think they intentionally made a pass at Twilight when they said that. Adek lang, gustong pag-awayin? Haha! :D

@Lio- haha! would you believe me if i said "putangina! baklang-bakla ang puta!" during that gayish potter scene? -- yeah, actually it satisfied my imagination! xD

@Essie baligtad ba hehe. nawindang kasi ako dun sa dance number ni harry eh.

@essie: perhaps because the actor who played scrimgeour was the elder vampire viktor in "underworld."

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