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I was gonna do it anyway so stop nagging! I'll write that obligatory 2011 recap post! Seriously everyone, don't yell at me all at once! Seriously. Anyone?

Maybe next year.
Nah, there was no clamor, no insistent public demand, not even a whisper asking me to write again. Not that I was looking for some reason or motivation to start writing again, but I just thought this blog could use some fresh reading. Yeah right, fresh.

So twenty-eleven wasn't exactly the spectacular year I was hoping it would be. If anything, last year to me was a year of comings and goings. In a sense, it was just like every other year for me. People came and went. I earned stuff, I lost stuff. I'm just grateful that I was blessed with another year, and I have to say I'm looking forward to another 365 days of adventure. 

So in line with that thought, I came up with my personal up's and down's in 2011:

  1. Became a team lead intern and had the chance to handle my own team
  2. Won an HTC Surround Windows phone
  3. Regained some degree of athleticism by joining a basketball team
  4. New career-high: made three 3-pointers in one quarter for a 100% 3PT FG clip in one game. 
  5. Met new people and built lasting friendships

  1. Zune closed
  2. XBox closed
  3. Lost above-mentioned phone
  4. Got separated from team mates
  5. Health issues resurfaced

All things considered, 2011 should have been a great year for me. I guess you really can't have it all. With that in mind, I'm looking towar 2012 with an open mind. I'm starting the year rough, what with this blood pressure at an all-time high, but I am hoping that the good balances out the bad, just like the bad evened out the good in 2011. 

Yeah I didn't get that last sentence either. Nobody does.


at least, you're at an even. that's something to celebrate over cold beer bottles.

btw, still reading your shits every now and then albeit without any comment dropping.

how are you kicking life's rear, brother? XD

- lio

LIO! Holy crap in a cracker! Where in the world have you been!? We ought to meet up man. Catch up and stuff. Where's your new spot on the blogosphere? Link please. :D

sa may ayala lang ako, pre. ayokong ibigay 'yung link kasi medyo barubal pinagsususulat ko. lol!

sure sure. inuman tayo nina rai and the old gang. set the date. \m/

May ganon? Kahit anong barubal pa nyan I'm sure it'll be worth the read. Dali di ko ipa-publicize, for my own consumption lang hehe. Email mo saken link. And for crying out loud, mag-facebook ka na! LOL. See u around bro.

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