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I just came from the Christmas party of our company held in The Crown Plaza Hotel here in Ortigas, and the highlight of the event was a 2-hour show by Gary Valenciano. Now I have never been to any of his shows before and much less have I ever seen him perform live, so I didn’t know what to expect. I know he’s a great singer and dancer and every concert that he held anywhere on Earth was always a hit, but to me seeing is believing. And you know what? Believe I did! What impressed me the most was the way he sincerely expressed his appreciation for the crowd, who in turn showed THEIR appreciation for him. He always sounded so sincere and everything he said seemed to touch the hearts of everyone there. Plus of course he was a great singer after all and a great dancer. Everyone was like screaming, it was hysteria. I never realized watching a Gary V performace was so much fun. Throw in his 2 sons who themselves gave the crowd a lot to cheer about and what you have is a phenomenal mini-concert. We were really lucky that ours was Gary’s last "major event for 2005". He really gave it all out and performed in front of a screaming audience like there was no tomorrow. Which sadly may be partially true because of his condition. He even showed everyone his insulin pump which I must admit made me admire this guy’s dedication to his profession. No demon in hell could stop this guy from giving the audience all that he can. Truly inspiring. Wish everyone saw him perform that night.


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