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For those of you who work in a call center you guys must have heard of relay calls. Those calls wherein you dont actually speak with the customer but instead you speak with an operator who relays to you the customers’ information. The customer in turn types in their questions to the operator via chat or text service. These types of calls usually take a LONG time to finish. So long that I often wonder how the relay operators can stay patient in doing it. I think of the operator and i realize I’m glad I don’t have her job. Enormous patience I tell ‘ya. Imagine having to end each sentence that you or she says with "Go ahead" to confirm that you’re done with the message. I’m actually on a relay call now and its taking so long for the customer to reply that I can update my blogs while speaking with the operator. The operator types in my instructions and relays it to the customer and she reads to me the customer’s reply. And here I thought I had the shittiest job! Ü


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