Here Comes Two-Oh-Oh-Six!!  

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Well the past year went like a blast! Oh-five saw a lot of things happen that I can barely remember all of the good (and the bad) things that have happenned, but here are a few things that stood out:
  1. I did quite well at work and almost got promoted twice. Though I almost lost my job because of what a friend and I did. But it was the same friend who saved me, and he got fired because of it. I still owe you one bro!
  2. Actually I got two jobs this year, although the second one I still need to get a little more focused on. The company I previously worked in took me back so I now have two jobs, isn’t life grand?
  3. A lot of my friends had their babies this year, so oh-five was like the birth of the next generation of the gang.
  4. FPJ fans commemorated his first death anniversary. (So?)
  5. I met someone, and lost her the same year.
  6. Friendships became so much stronger, and I found some really good friends worth keeping for a lifetime.
  7. Bands like Hale and Cueshe came out with one-hit-wonders. (again, so?)
  8. The Nadiz got reunited!
  9. Some of my teammates at work got promoted, others got fired, and others just quit. We went through three coaches this year, and I guess you could say that what the team went through was like a roller coaster, with team members coming in and out and all the controversy that has hounded this group. But we made it through.
  10. I got replaced as Music Ministry adviser, but that was perfectly OK with me. I was going to let go of that position anyway, because of my night schedule at work. I’m happy that the guy who replaced me was actually the person who I was going to recommend as the new adviser.
In retrospect, two-oh-oh-five had been great, and I am looking forward to a blessed and fruitful oh-six. I just feel grateful for every blessing that I received and every experience I have gained. Surely, two-oh-oh-six would have so much more in store for everyone. Have a blessed and prosperous New Year!! Ü


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