Going South - by Imaginary Broken-Hearted Musician  

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One stupid phrase
That weird look on your face
Told me things are never gonna be the same

I told you how I felt
I just wanted to melt
Never knew exactly how to play your game

Things just got so weird
All the things that I feared
Came crashing down in my attempt to be real

Now you don’t take my calls
I’ve got nothing at all
Since the day I told you how I feel

I broke your trust I know
And I regret ever opening my mouth
But I couldn’t help it, its real
Now things between us are going south

Maybe you’d come back around
And things will fall back in to place
Its hard to stay alone in the dark

Bring us back to before
Friends and not more
Remembering our days in the park

(repeat chorus)

Going south
Going south

At least we’re getting somewhere.

(I honestly can't remember how this song goes, nor can I remember who or what this is for. what a load of crap, hehe.)


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