Jelly Legs  

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If you had walked a mile in my shoes today, I would've been really, really grateful because I wouldn't have had to walk in them myself. This morning I found myself being the unfortunate victim of circumstance. Firefly and I got out of work at around 4:30 AM, but we had to sit out the heavy downpour for a few minutes. I didn't think it would rain, and i don't usually carry an umbrella around with me to work. Aside from the typical only-girls-carry-umbrellas type of biased reasoning, the only other reason I didn't like carrying an umbrella was because I hardly fit in one anyway. With my size, I still get wet so why bother? I know, that last sentence didn't come out right.

Anyway, Firefly and I took a cab and I practically forced the man to take us where we needed to go. Grudgingly he obliged, but I soon realized I should never have taken a cab. Water was everywhere and the cab struggled to wade through the flood. When Firefly got off the driver explained that the heavy flood was causing his brakes to slip. So I gave him a hell no and told him I'd rather walk than get stuck in a car with no brakes. So I paid the man and got off too. By then I was too far from Firefly, with no cellphone credits and a measly amount of money. I couldn't get a ride home even if I wanted to. And if by chance I did come across some divine intervention and found a ride, I would've been stuck there for ages because traffic wasn't moving. So in my eagerness to fall down on my bed I decided to try walking and think of a way to get home. I kept thinking, and thinking some more, so much more that eventually my legs carried me the rest of the way home. Yes, I walked home from the Nagtahan bridge to Blumentritt. I'm no Olympian, so believe me when I tell you I've got jelly legs. The rain and the hip-deep flood didn't make walking easier either. Some of you may think it wasn't that far a distance, but here - you be the judge.

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When I got home I was touched by how worried my mom was. It's been a while since I saw her like that. I had slumped onto a stool soaking wet, and my mother bent down and took my socks off for me. It was then that I realized how tired I was. I looked at the clock and I was surprised to see it only took me almost 2 hours to cover that distance. I felt like I had been walking for days.

I can't tell if my brain's too tired or too soggy right now, but I think I ought to give it a rest. Or maybe dry it off behind the fridge.

Oh it gets a lot deeper than that.


ayun. nakapagcomment din. haha.

at pareho pa pala tayo ng topic. naturalmente, parehong taga-pukenginang espaƱa. lol!

yun nga lang eh magkaiba ng point of view. mukang mas kahabag-habag 'tong kwento ng post mo.

mabuti na lang talaga day-off ko ngayon. hahahaha!

p.s. salamat pala sa comments. although hindi nagrereflect dun sa mga posts kasi hindi ka ata nakapagregister sa disqus. i know, the complexities of these fucked up comment systems. huhlolz!

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