Utter Silence  

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His screams echo in the distance
The sounds of rebellion repressed
He drowns in the sea of conformity
As his cries go unheard in its depths

He fails to resist, he succumbs
His mistakes magnified by the truth
As like Adam, in the Garden of Eden
Tempted to eat the forbidden fruit

He struggles to find redemption
Righteousness had once been his friend
Regret held tight and firmed its grip
Consuming his will to contend

Though his voice is that of reason
His thoughts are obscured and opaque
The words form meaning despite all the chaos
But sense is not easy to make

With his pen as his only weapon
His sanity, he tries hard to defend
He writes with uncertainty, with fear and revulsion
And his words will go on 'til the end

So with eyes closed shut, he falls silent
His voice will no longer be heard
No cries for mercy, no pleas for salvation
No breath, no life
Not even a word


hmmm...what's with this sentemotional verse, dude? quarter-life shit kicking in yet again? haha. nah. best remedied with a bucket of cold beer bottles. lol!

nah, i just tried my hand at poetry. so what do you think?

and yes, i am gonna have a few cold ones later hehehe.

i see. it's as good as your narrative. pretty wicked, i must say.

unfortunately, i can't join you in your beer merriment. gawd knows how i'm stuck in this pc monitor trying to piece incoherent thoughts to pass off as one, half-baked freelance article. lolz!

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