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"I am in a state of shock. My son is dying in the hospital."

These were the words of a clearly crestfallen Marlene Aguilar, mother of Jason Aguilar Ivler who is suspected of killing the son of a MalacaƱang official, moments after her son was arrested in a bloody encounter with National Bureau of Investigation agents earlier today in their Quezon City residence.

Now I don't know about you guys, but I think the Feds (alright so they're not FBI, should I call them Nats?), well they should have come more prepared. They weren't dressed for the occasion. For one thing, they have to be informed immediately that bullet-proof vests are a must-have when raiding the home of a heavily armed suspect. It's sort of a fashion statement, or so I've been told.

Also, I wanna talk about Marlene Aguilar. When does maternal love turn into obstruction of justice? I guess the answer to that is when offspring screws up and mom helps get rid of any evidence. This is especially true when offspring is an inked-out, ill-tempered and military-trained brat who thinks he can kill someone just because they got into a yelling match during a traffic altercation and get away with it. People like that sicken me. I mean, they shouldn't even be behind the wheel. Jason Aguilar Ivler, if proven guilty, should be raped repeatedly by his greasy, stinkin' cell mates.

One thing I don't understand though is why the media seems to be playing this issue up so thick? I know a high-ranking official's son got killed and all, but with all due respect, many other common homicides occur and those cases do not receive this much media attention. I have to commend our law enforcement people for arresting a wanted fugitive in two short months. Now if they could only find all the hundreds of other missing suspects in previous uncelebrated cases just as quickly. I'm sorry, but the whole thing smells like a major glory hunt to me. Caught the dude in only two months!? Blow me.

Honestly though, I do feel some degree of pity for Marlene Aguilar. Seriously, you can't blame someone for trying to protect their son. I mean it's an anthropological truth; parents have a natural tendency to protect their young. You should know that, unless you've been featured on one of those nature documentaries about filial cannibalism. Fierce, right?

Cover of Marlene Aguilar's book, Warriors of Heaven


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