Digital Heartbreak  

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So I have just received my final pay from the last whorehouse that I slaved for, oh joy.

More like, "oh crap".

This is another classic case of counting the chicks before the eggs hatched. How was I supposed to know they'd be cutting my back pay in half? It's a sad, irritating, double deduction. Do you know what's worse than not getting paid? It's not getting paid twice over. I'm tired of explaining things to myself over and over again, so forgive me if I'm not overly willing to make you understand what happened to my portable 8.9 inch dream. It has never sucked to be me as much as it does right now.

Oh and it gets better. I think I'm having my usual paranoid delusions again. Everyone's out for my throat. What's wrong with you people? What's wrong with me!? I have no other recourse now but to crawl back into the dark crevice that I call work. This time though, I want to be choosy. I want to look at all the angles, and not just sign up with the one with the most number of zeros scribbled on the job offer. I'm thinking of going close to home on this one. I dunno.I still want to write, though. No matter how crappy my articles are, I still think I'm good at this writing stuff. Aren't I? Talk about a confidence boost. I think I really need one right about now.
That's the end alright.


yes, you are good with this writing stuff, even if your articles are crappy.. bwahahahahha! echos! just my way of boosting your confidence, friend.. :p obviously, i'm not really good at this kind of responsibility to friends so pardon me.. everything will get better soon.. when you're already at the lowest of lows, there's no other way but to go up! just don't stay there or dig deeper.. :p

good point barns. thanks! up, up and away! :D

you are a good writer. period.

huwaw thanks bossing! :D

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