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I don't believe in ghosts.

At least, that's how I'd want my grand kids to remember me. I'm taking a quick break to write about my creepy encounter from beyond the grave. I'm pretty sure there's a perfectly sane and scientific explanation to all the shenanigans that's been going on during the wee hours when I'm working late, but it's always fun to scare the living daylights out of my eye sockets.

So back to my story. Our old nanny, Nana Choleng, passed away a couple of years ago. In the last few months before she was hospitalized and eventually taken up to that great big hotdog stand in the sky, Nana Choleng suffered from an uncontrollable bladder. It was involuntary, and she had absolutely no control over her urinary habits. So as disgusting as it may sound to all of you, she would often end up smelling funny. Even with adult diapers, I had unfortunately and regrettably associated her with the smell of eu de pee.

So these last few days, I kept finding myself all alone during the wee hours of the night because I had to stay up to try and make a deadline. In the dead of the night I would suddenly smell that foul odor that for me was unmistakably Nana Choleng. So I continue writing even when all the hair on my arms and on the back of my neck stood up like an erection. That smell kept haunting me each night, and sometimes even during the day. I told my mother about it and she apparently has had her share of paranormal olfactory experiences too. What's more is that we both would sometimes smell the scent of burnt rice in the middle of the night, which Nana Choleng had an unexplainable habit of doing. So Mom and I just resigned to the thought that our Nana Choleng's been dropping in on us every now and then to see how we were doing. But if she appears in a cloud of smoke while floating towards me menacingly I swear I'm sticking my head in the ground like an ostrich having a heart attack.

Maybe it's just my wild imagination, or maybe there's a drunken monkey loose in the neighborhood that has a nasty habit of peeing on the side of our house every night. Whatever this might be, I'm thinking it may just be my creepy way of saying that I miss Nana Choleng.

Like I said, I don't believe in ghosts.

She's in a much better place now.



probably you just need 2 bottles of beer to ease up your mind compadre...!!! =)

maybe i do! hehehe. did you click the link about ghosts? click it! click it!

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