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Talk about writer's block.

I've been staring at the desktop screen for a good hour or so, trying to come up with sensible post, but all I have in my head are images of Nate Robinson wearing the Philippine National colors and Vanessa Hudgens singing naked in the shower.

I don't even like Vanessa Hudgens.

Blame the Internet. I was curious to see articles about notable Fil-Americans and Robinson's and Hudgens' names came up. Apparently, Nate Robinson (former NY Knick recently traded to the Boston Celtics) is 1/8th Filipino and enjoys lumpia; while Vanessa Hudgens (of the High School Musical fad) is part Filipina, part Chinese, part Irish, part American - basically a hodge-podge of cultures. And then there's also this scandalous nude photo of her online that I can't close just yet. Of course, I can't post it here so stop looking for a link.

So, instead of writing about something interesting tonight, I'll settle for splattering mundaneity over this post. It's nearing 5AM and I can't wait for breakfast. What a complete waste of Internet space.
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Well, I better get started on work.


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