The Annoying Nosy Neighbor Dilemma  

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Some say blogging is therapy. So doc, i'm your 10 o'clock.

I know nobody wants to listen to a whiner complain, but nobody will take my grievances seriously. We have this neighbor, Aling Myra, who never misses to sneak into our house and ask for my mom. It surprises me sometimes, how she would already be inside the house when she calls for my mother. I mean, don't we have gates and doors? Sometimes I'd be engaged in work or something important on the computer that I need to write when she would all of a sudden appear out of nowhere, just standing there. She does this every single day, and she has absolutely no respect for this house. I know this isn't much of a house, but hey - I happen to call this home.

Of course, I've told Mom about it. She actually doesn't mind. That nosy neighbor is a friend of Mom's, so she thinks she's welcome in this house. If I had a penny for every time she rudely intrudes I'd be richer than Bill Gates by now. Hey, maybe I should put up some sort of toll booth out front instead of a gate. The gate's pretty much useless anyway.

It ticks me off how she would always speak in whispers. She's one of the loudest and most obnoxious creatures in the neighborhood and yet she sneaks into this house whispering. She and Mom would talk discretely, because they're just gossiping. I don't want to sound like I'm airing out our family's dirty laundry but that's just how Mom is. Ever since Dad moved on to a better place Mom had found the friendship she's made with our neighbors as her source of comfort. It's the very same reason she lets that other family stay in one of the rooms in this house while my cousin sleeps in a makeshift bed. It's why I had to sleep on the couch before I made enough money to build a room for myself. In short, I can't blame Mom.

So as the annoying Aling Myra continues to invade our privacy, I will silently keep pulling my hair in despair. I will wait fervently for the day when I eventually uproot myself from this miserable excuse for a neighborhood. Until then, I'll just keep on blogging.

I'd print this up and pin it on our gate but my printer's dead and I don't own a rifle.


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