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In a country like ours, where the population is predominantly Roman Catholic, Holy Week is a time for repentance and reflection. But in these modern times, has the true meaning of Holy Week been maligned with confusion? Has the youth of today truly forgotten Christ's message?

Though I will not pretend to be as sacrilegious as I might seem in this post, I will voice my opinions on how the Holy Week appeals to the modern day Filipino. And no, the day before Maundy Thursday isn't called Ash Wednesday.

Being born into a family that has a firm grasp on religion, I grew up as a relatively decent, self-respecting Catholic. My childhood included my first communion, first confession, and many other firsts which includes some that are unfit to write about in this particular post. I remember how my Dad would insist on daily prayers during the days leading up to Easter Sunday, and how all the television stations would either sign off early or show Lenten specials for hours. I even understood what Lent meant, (unintended rhyme); that it was a period of fasting that lasted 40 days and ended on the day of Christ's resurrection, Easter Sunday. I understood Lent, but I had trouble digesting the idea of fasting. I was educated on how the Holy Week represented Christ's death on the cross and His miraculous resurrection.

After a few years, the typical Catholic boy that was me back then soon went to college. During this time, I understood what the law on alcohol - the liquor ban - was for during the Holy Week. Not that I followed said rule every year but I understood what it meant nonetheless. This was also the time when I was introduced to the idea of going out of town during the Holy Week. Many Filipinos think of sandy beaches and sun tans when the Holy Week comes around, and this tradition is highly unlikely to go away anytime soon.

While I have nothing against vacationing during the Holy Week, I think it would be nice if Filipinos put the meaning of Holy Week to heart. This is a time to think back and repent on all the rotten things that we've gotten away with so far. Then think about Christ dying on the cross in order to save mankind - or so the Bible says, at least. Hey, I told you I wasn't that holy.

Anyway, whatever your opinions are on the Holy Week I sure hope you have a meaningful holiday. After all, it's a long drive back to Manila, and it doesn't hurt to have a Guy Up There looking after you everyday, right?


three thumbs up! i wish many bloggers could read this. (:

a meaningful holy week, binchee!

likewise Yas, likewise. :D

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