The Couch Potato Hot Shot  

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It's no secret that I'm a regular couch potato basketball all-star. Yeah I just made that up. What I mean is I talk big about my game, but that's mostly just talk. Ever since I started wearing a headset for a profession I have had very little opportunity to actually play basketball. I've been reduced from a promising high school sweet shooter, to a wannabe coach who merely watches from the sidelines. I am a self-confessed addict to the game but my gelatinous lump of a body can only do so much. So I decided to shoot some hoops yesterday.

I played ball with some of my buddies and I was surprised and slightly impressed to see that I still shot the ball pretty well, although I really need to get my game legs back. I mean I really need to get my game legs back. My knees and legs simply wobbled because of all the weight they've been lugging around for years. I must've hit 7 or 8 shots, most of them from the perimeter. I'm really not a fan of getting all banged up and mauled in the paint. No thank you.

Some of the guys were still surprised to find out that I shot the ball with my left hand. Dexterity's kind of my thing. Thank you Allan Caidic.

As expected, when I woke up today I was sore as possum in a blender. I'm gonna play the sore joints off later today. I just need to take care of a few articles before I leave. Work won't do itself, you know.

I need a massage and a good steam bath, maybe a chiropractor too.



you need a chiropractor? tamang-tama, i have 20 chiropractor articles lined up hehehehehe...

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