Opportunism at a Neighborly Level  

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They say one needs to make hay while the sun is shining. I don't even play Farmville but I know what they mean by "making hay".

For the last 2 weeks or so my Internet connection's been on the fritz. It began with being intermittent, and then it turned into an ugly and utterly disgusting loss of connection. I just saw my hand and it was dirty, ew. Anyway, so for the last few days I've been "stealing" my Internet connection from one of our neighbors. I took my trusty old router there and hooked up a really - and I mean really - long ethernet cord. I know you can only go so far with ethernet but hey, for now it works. At least until the people over at my ISP decide to get their fat asses off their fancy swivel seats and send a repair truck my way.

But I am seriously considering switching ISP's. There's just the matter of concealing a not-so-inconspicuously-looking computer rental shop before any potential new ISP comes over for the initial installation. I'm thinking of DSL.

No I do not miss the tech talk, thank you.

For the mean time, I will settle for this temporary arrangement that allows me to connect to the Internet only when the goddamn neighbor feels like turning the connection on. The way they had it set up turns the Internet connection off when they turn their PC off. I think their modem's powered by USB or something, I just didn't want to mess with their wiring. But that's what I'm up against. When they want to go green and save on electricity I get kicked off the Internet like a nerdy geek at a fashion show. Oh well. I just realized there were so many acronyms in this entry.

I have loads of articles I need to catch up on. Let me go back to making hay.

Request timed out. Again. And again. Exasperating.


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