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The title of this post is the by-line of one my closest friends at work, who was unceremoniously shown the way out last night. Consider this post as both a tribute to a fallen colleague and a lesson in fair play.

He was a colleague, a friend, a rock star, a comedian, a dancer, and a drinking buddy. More importantly, he was a brother. In the few short months that we've known each other, he had already been there for me through thick and thin, whether we've had a few hours of sleep or not, drunk or sober, allergy or no allergy. Along with two of our other friends, the four of us soon formed what was arguably the closest bond among all of the trainees in our class. In fact, we even went out to have a few beers right on the very first day of training, where we all had just met for the first time. Now, there's hardly anything that we don't know about each other, and we accept each other's faults and imperfections. Plus, two of the top graduates during our time in training emerged from this awesome foursome, which is why it saddens me to think that the group that I had been so used to seeing nearly every god-forsaken day will be missing a considerably integral member.

I will be one of the first to admit that he wasn't exactly employee-of-the-month material. On the outside, he didn't seem to take his responsibilities at work seriously. He was always goofing around. But when it came to the nitty-gritty, he pulled through and proved that he deserved to be in the company. Well at least to me, he did. I saw how he improved in his performance at work, and how he began feeling good about resolving technical issues for strangers who call from the other side of the planet.

Sadly, the damage has apparently already been done. The powers that be have determined that they had already accumulated sufficient reason to graciously show him the door, pulling him out in the middle of the shift and escorting him out of the premises. I understand that rules are rules, and that violation of said rules will lead to termination. I just wished they had shown more consideration. I mean, he wasn't THAT bad. Some of his errs are those that could have only been afforded a warning and a stern talking-to. At least that's what the other teachers did. There's a difference between strictly enforcing the rules and trying to make a name for yourself. Respect is earned. It is never borne out of fear and intimidation.

But what can we do, right?

I just wish that he can forget about this entire ordeal and move on. I believe that he should take the lessons of professionalism with him and bring them over to much greener pastures. I hope he can see the silver lining in this dark situation, and be able to use this experience as a way for him to become a better person. So until we meet again, my brother, have a cold one on me. You will never be forgotten.
Rock and roll mother father!


i have never been afraid to lose someone.. until the day that i saw him leaving the company.. i was shocked as well when suddenly these word slipped out of my mouth, "wag mu kong iwan." i felt that he was not just leaving the company, that he was leaving me as well. only the assurance from him satiated and appeased my worries.. at least i have something to hold on to.. we'll work on this and we'll try to keep the friendship that we have.. nakidrama.. hahahaha.. he is really a good man.. =cristine=

curious. just curious about the violation he committed for being escorted out of the production floor in the middle of your shift.

i am reminded of ralph and his curse-the-customer-back goofing off.

how's the call cen'er life, dear big brother? :p

@chuchay: hang in there, everything will turn out alright.

i know your comment is heart-felt because you rarely call yourself cristine.

smile, ok? or at least try to. :D

@lio: Trust me, Ralph's violation was much worse. This guy had a couple of lates, over-breaks, and unauthorized browsing issues. It also didn't help that we have a strict dress code policy.

Anyway, call center life's still pretty much the same. This is how I feel about it. We have a lot of catching up to do skinny brother.

One of the few good men that I met ... Rock n roll Mader Fader! We'll surely miss him .. :(


That is so true Ormee. Thanks for taking time to read this! :D

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