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Okay I admit, the title of this post's a bit of an inside joke. Somebody I know syllabicated the word "RIG-GED" and another blushed profusely after saying hole instead of hall. But I still love them both to bits. What I really just wanted to write about was how I feel about my new beginning. For me, it seems as though my career has finally come full circle, and I am once again that wide-eyed newcomer hoping to make it big in this industry.

As many of you (I often optimistically envision an increase in the number of people that read this blog) may have already surmised, I am currently undergoing training at one of the more prominent yet less financially rewarding call centers in the country today. I still have a few weeks to go before I officially start mentally lambasting people from across the other side of the planet because of their stupidity, but the here and now says I am having the time of my life.

Despite all my personal prohibitions against ever putting on a pair of headsets again, for once I find myself actually smiling at the thought of going to work. I will probably end up burning out again eventually, but I believe I have found something I haven't had at any call center for a very long time - hope. I can sense an air of positivity, especially because the chances of me finally moving up the corporate ladder are pretty big. The last time I felt like this towards my employer, my colleagues, and myself was during training in the very first call center that took me in. Friends felt like family and work seemed more like recreation rather than duty.

Many online dictionaries would define the idiom "come full circle" as to return to the same situation or attitude one originally had. Before I came running back to the industry with my proverbial tail firmly tucked between my legs and my pride thoroughly trampled on, I told myself that this will be the last time I'll ever work for a call center. It will be my last hurrah, so to speak. Every time I told myself that this will be the last time I'll have to put my headsets on and solve other people's problems, I kept wondering about where I'd go next or what career I would likely be involved in if not this. Now that I've come full circle however, I realized that maybe I don't have to go anywhere else. Maybe this is what I was meant to do.

Maybe, I'm finally home.

Home. Finally.


nice! i hope you move up the call center hierarchy real quick because that means more cause to celebrate with booze.

and sorry for being thick but what poundage you gained, dude! your double chin's becoming more prominent than the beard. haha!

here's to the future TL binchee! kampai!

I'm glad you are enjoying your 'reboot' in that industry. I speak life and fulfillment in your journey. Back to basics but in a different perspective. Nice character man.

@Lio: I almost didn't publish your comment, haha! Funny how you apologize for being thick, when I'm the thick one. LOL. Thanks for crossing your fingers for me, kampai indeed!

@Bob: Coming from someone who was part of the beginning of this circle, your comment holds more meaning to me. Thanks bro.

all i can say is that I believe in you and to other THINGS that you can do to contribute in this industry. Yet seems that not all company are alike to see these kind of stuff. I hope you would find your place in CVG and make the best out of it. cheers!!!

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