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Haven’t we all wondered how we’d all be like 10, 20 years from now? So looking back 10, 20 years ago I’d say "What the hell happened?". Now the fact that I have the ability to remember things 10, 20 years ago says something about my age (quit laughing Rufus), but I couldn’t help thinking how much has changed since then. Its a bit disappointing but at the same time I’m relatively happy about where I stand right now, considering all the sh*t I’ve gone through.

Oh no I haven’t even
begun to talk about how "disturbing" my so-called-life was the last couple of years. That topic will be discussed in another boring episode of Blah blah blah.. Now that I’m here though, I couldn’t help but wonder about what’s in store for me say 10, 20 years from now. Would I still be the same dark egotistical literary wannabe that I am today, or would I turn out to be one of those "i-turned-out-like-this-because-life-was-so-cruel-but-i-couldn’t-come-close-to-killing-myself-so-i-just-write" kinda’ guys.

Well hopefully blogging would still exist 10, 20 years from now so I can tell all my non-existent readers how the story of my life came to it most anticipated (yeah right) conclusion. But right now all I can say for myself is that I got myself back in the game, and hopefully its not too late for me to come back from a 10, 20-point deficit in the fourth quarter, with barely four minutes left in the game clock. The ball’s in my court now so screw you destiny.

I’m talking figuratively, of course. I lost my athleticism a long time ago.

But I developed this uncanny ability to remain perfectly stoic and apathetic if I wanted to. That means I don’t give a f*ck whether you like me or not. If you treat me nice I’ll reciprocate. If u don’t then to me you don’t exist. I’ll put a stop to this whimsical pretense of a blog now. Gotta get some sleep before I go back and become society’s b*tch again at 4 AM. Besides,
its kinda irritating how "10, 20" appears in this piece of crap so many effing times.


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