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Its been a while now since my last blog entry.

So here I am again, blabbering for the sake of those who care enough to read my sh*t. For the many who don’t.. well you wouldn’t really get the message even if you did. Now where do I start? OK, I got (laterally) promoted to "Researcher" and I am now part of our Training Team (Dragons Rock!).

I could not say enough about how happy I am to land this position, and I sorta’ pride myself in being the first outside of Wave 1 (according to one of our QA’s) to get "promoted". Although, as I parenthetically stated that it was just a lateral promotion (meaning no "Oh my God, Mom! Look at my payslip now!"), I am still very grateful for this opportunity. I have always wanted to be part of any training team, and I am proud to say that this team that I am now a part of truly ROCKS! What else could you ask for when 2 of your colleagues are really hot (but cool) radio DJ’s? I mean, how cool is that? Mind you, they’re really smart too. I look up to them (figuratively) with so much respect.

And my co-promotee, (wow I made a new word!) he’s great at all the technical stuff that we do and I enjoy working with him. I do feel a little pressure because not only am I the first outside of Wave 1 (blah, blah, blah..), but the position that I currently hold is really quite new. Before now we didn’t really have a researcher. But so far I’ve been holding up and hopefully once we get the ball rolling I’d feel more comfortable in my new role. Its really a new experience for me to go to the office and NOT wear a headset (not that I’m complaining though). Kinda’ awkward really. I

know some people feel that for some reason the researcher position’s a joke, but we’re out to prove ‘em wrong. I’ve never been this excited about work in ages, and I’m raring to go! Go Dragons! - unofficial team battle cry.

On to a different subject.

Recently, I fell into a really awkward situation with someone. For the longest time I’ve been "sweet-talking" my way into her pants unsuccessfully, until the day came when we almost ended up, you know, celebrating Christmas early this year. Well, yes the operative word in that sentence kids is "almost", which means "pffffftt".

I mean we did go see a movie together, which we both have already seen before, and really didn’t focus much on the big screen (I’ll be a git and let your dirty little brain conjure images of what we did instead), but somehow in the middle of things she uh.. I dunno, changed her mind? She said she was into it, and for a second there I really thought that we were on the verge of (BLEEP!)-ing our brains out.

But you see folks, we’re in a real predicament. For reasons that I am not at liberty to discuss (plus the fact that I really don’t want to tell you why), we simply just can’t be together. So now days after the pickle, talking to her’s been kinda weird. I really feel that somehow something’s changed, even though she says otherwise.

I still show her that I’m notoriously persistent, the pesky hormonally-imbalanced jerk that I am, but its just not the same as before. Perhaps its because she really means "NO" this time. Serves me right for being such an unbearable prat.

Sadly, 2 of my friends at work got fired yesterday. So sad..

Now since I can’t think of any other happy thought to conclude another miserable attempt to achieve literary greatness, I’ll just wrap things up with this message from our sponsors: "

You are the 999,999th visitor. Congratulations! You won!"


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