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So its that time of the month again!

No, I’m not talking bout that time of the month ladies. I’m talking about my occasional banter about the rubbish that I call life. Lets start with the women in my life.

Nothing to talk about there, lets talk bout something else.

Work? Hmm.. a lot of talk seems to be going on in the office about people coming and going. Its really more of the going that’s annoying me. Frankly, after hearing almost everybody’s nutty whining, I’m not complaining. I’m still happy with what I’m doing, thank you. Now if the fates gets all cranky and decide that its time to move on to higher grounds, that’s when I’ll cross the bridge, so to speak. But for now I am still grateful for the wonderful opportunity, and actually the tiny optimist in me hopes that the company does grow. For everyone’s happiness. Right?

What else? I’m hooked on this PS2 game, God of War II. It totally rocks, but one day I just know I’m gonna get in trouble for playing that game in the office. Bridge? Getting there? Oh well.

I know I gotta wake up at 6 in the effing morning but I had this urge (not that kinda’ urge), to write something.

These past few weeks have really been an eye-opener for me, in more ways than one. I found out there’s life outside of my homeland. I suddenly had this feeling that I actually wanted to leave the country. But then again, maybe not. I also realized how far I’ve come from the days at Client Logic. I remember the very first interview I had, how nervous I was, first few days of training. I know I’m still far from where I’d really want to be but looking back to where I came from, suddenly it doesn’t look to be much further than I expected. Hang in there my friend. Now I’m talking to myself again. Loser.


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