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Ever had the feeling like winning the lottery one day, then getting run over and mangled by a Peterbilt on the next?

That’s sort of how I felt this past weekend. Something really, really, really amazing happened to me the other day and it took me almost 3 days to get over the ecstasy. In fact, I’m still a little euphoric and I honestly don’t think that I’d ever forget that feeling. Now I won’t go into details, if
YOU happen to read this don’t worry. I don’t plan on giving a play-by-play account of that night.

So then suddenly it just hit me. I took advantage of you. I know I shouldn’t have; but I’ve had this thing for you for the longest time. Can’t blame a guy for being human, can you? I know I haven’t got a chance with you. That’s the part when I got hit by the Peterbilt.

There just ain’t enough words to explain how I feel right now. When I think about it all I get are bad puns and horrible analogies. I had her in my arms only to realize that it just can’t happen. I hate these trysts with half-drunk, half-conscious, vulnerable women. Somehow these things always end up blowing up in my face. God it sucks to be me.


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