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This absolutely sucks. I've been wanting to write about the fun I had in Batangas a couple of days ago, but I've been sick ever since I got back. Mom pulls the thermo out of my pits and reads a stinking 40-degree fever. I've never been this sick before. My chest feels like a huge bruise, and breathing's becoming more like wheezing. Coughing's a real pain in the ass chest. I hate this. The worst part is, I have to prove to some people I was sick. I missed worked because of this, you see. I'll cut this post short. I'll talk about my adventures in Batangas when they post our photos on Facebook. I need some rest.


ha! the great binchee caught the C2 - cough and colds, that is.

yeah, it sucks when the call center demigods ask you stupid questions just so you can get off the call whoring hook. like what the fuck, you're not calling in sick because you just wanted to extend your rest days. you called in sick because you ARE sick. effin' retards.

so yeah, got carried away. lololol! get well soon, bro.

just learned what happened to mark. can't believe it. anyway, bad times.

where in san juan have you been?


thats a part of immunity to the polluted manila and left for awhile. and you're back!!! i know youll be better soon.lols

Thanks Kosa hehe. Yeah, i must've left my immunity somewhere in Batangas (it was in a little nook in Laiya called Sabangan) and when i got back to Manila - kaboom. I am feeling much better now, thanks man.

My levels of tolerance for the noxious effects of that unmistakable Manila air must have gone back to normal by now.

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