Smile Ebenezer, Its Christmas!  

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Can you feel the warm Christmas air as it blows happiness and cheer to everyone? Can you just imagine the look on that kid's face when he sees all those gifts under the tree? Can you see how wonderful this night is as you listen to the music of Christmas?

I sure can't. Bah-humbug.

Well no, not really. I'll admit that it's not exactly the Christmas that I had in mind for my family this year. I was hoping we could all be together this year, since I'll be home and unemployed and my brother will be on leave from work. Well, he is on leave but he ain't home. He's spending Christmas with his in-laws. So I heave a big Christmas sigh.

But for what its worth I'm gonna make tonight as merry as I can for my Mom. If anyone deserves a merry Christmas it's her.

So to Mom, and to all of my avid readers (yes, both of you), and to those who just happened to hop on my blog...

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


happy christmas, binchee!

happy new year, parekoi! let's make a ruckus this 2010 and grab it by the balls!

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