Straddling Bridges  

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I just know this post is gonna be so lame, but here we go.

You know how there are some boundaries that should never be crossed, such as friendship, or the law? There's always the risk that if you cross the proverbial line you can never, ever go back, and you'll end up in a really bad place. It's like shattering mirrors; no matter how many times you try to stick all the pieces together you can never get a clear reflection again. The mirror's already broken. You're already broken. You look at yourself in the broken mirror and all you see are fragments. That's seven years bad luck, but it could be worse.

No matter how you look at it, some things simply can't be undone. There are decisions in life that only have a one-way ticket. There can be no such thing as turning back, no u-turns in the road of life. That's why the world only spins in one direction. Say all the cliche's you could think of but those couldn't take back what you would have already lost. Will it be worth all the risk? Will she ever be worth it? Now that I'm standing on one end, only one logical question comes to mind. If getting across that stupid bridge means trouble then somebody please explain to me...

... why the hell do I want to cross it so badly?


because that is where the challenge lies

....naka-relate naman ako sa post mo

ganun na nga cguro. masarap din kasi ang bawal. hahaha!

sometimes, going beyond boundaries excites us- again, our natural talent to wonder and wander. :D

**yup yup. waw, may naka-appreciate ng mad poetry ko. haha. salamat sa beer at sa pagtambay! XP

Coz' it's human nature to know what is on the other side. The excitement it brings not knowing what lies ahead. and never know when you get to the middle the bridge falls and you hang on to dear life..

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