Of Bird Tenses and 1-2-Trees  

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As high and mighty as I thought I was in terms of my phraseological prowess and my command of the English language, it has recently come to my attention that I am far from being grammatically perfect. For one, I often employ writing methods that have never been - and in all probability will never be - acceptable to them English scholars. There are even times when I feel like I seem to invent some of the words I use in my blog.

I often attribute my grammatical imperfection to my being casual and informal. Now I realize that it was all an excuse, which begs the question: am really I up to the task of writing anything publish-worthy?

But I digress, right off the bat. The realization that there is so much more to learn about the English language came to me in one of the communications and culture training sessions which I am currently taking. It was a lesson in humility, although I wasn't a complete embarrassment. There were written assessments which I was certain I was going to ace, but ended up making a couple of mistakes. Disappointing, yes, but hardly disheartening. In fact, I look forward to learning more. Bring it on, baby.

There were those of us who seem to have a relatively respectable grasp on how to use certain words, while others merely transliterate. I do not mean to belittle my colleagues, but I sincerely fear for their survival. The call center industry is a cutthroat business. It isn't enough to know what you want to say; if you can't say it right, you won't last long.

While I rue the fact that I have come back running towards the very same industry which I had desperately tried to run away from, I enjoy the fact that for once in my not-so-illustrious career, I actually did learn something useful from culture and communications training: verb tenses. Now the term "future progressive" no longer conjures up images of rock bands in face paint to my mind.

But I still hate those accursed Thuringian Thermometer folks.


if don't have a good command of the english language, then i don't know who does.

apologies are due for not having answered the phone and, therefore, not being able to drink up with you guys. i was with an audit client at that time and gawd knows my phone is always in silent mode. all i knew was there a lot of missed calls registered from an unknown landline number.

so yeah, i missed the meet-up and now i learned to put my cell in vibrate mode. there's always next time, eh? :p

ah the call center life or should I say "cen'r"... I just wish you still have enough energy to post more things here..

thanks bob and lio! yes lio, next time. perhaps, on your birthday? and bob, i pray for the same thing hehe.

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