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Are opportunities meant to be taken?

This question kept playing in the back of my head like that last song you heard over the radio. Are all opportunities really meant to be taken?

If God opens a door, should you walk in? There are two schools of thought in this scenario. Some would say that one should walk in and grab the chance to enter because the opportunity presented itself. Others, however, would argue that God also gave man the unique ability to think for himself, therefore free will dictates whether one should choose to enter or not.

Given the two options, the obvious choice would be to take a shot at it and just walk right through the door. Sure. But my hesitation comes from uncertainty and doubt.

Will I be ready for what's on the other side of the door?
Will I be able to stay on the other side without getting unceremoniously shown my way out?
Will I be stepping on other people's toes on my way to the top?

Trying to answer the question of whether I should take the opportunity or not has sadly brought about more questions. Life can really be confusing sometimes, and I often feel that I can barely keep my head above the water.

Don't get me wrong folks, I would love nothing more than to walk right through the door and finally make something of my life. But the apocryphal hellions of self-doubt and apathy have reared their ugly heads, and I am still struggling to find purpose and meaning amidst all the chaos.

I know this post seems awfully vague, but I assure you, I will expound on the topic as soon as I find clarity. As a parting shot however, I would like to end this profound nonsense with yet another question:

Just because you can walk through the door, does that mean you should enter?

Up, or down?


You know Binchee...

That lift looks like the one we have at home... Are you stalking me???


I agree with the first. God gave man Free Will. So it is up to man to choose for himself. It is also said that God created man to do good - i.e. whatever God presents infront of Man, then man should take it, without question.

Hehe, I took that photo. Those are the doors to one of Wynsum's elevators.

Thanks for the input man!

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what the F is this binchee??

I just want to read the comments before everybody else. It's my effin' blog anyway, hehehe.

I'm just thinking now, how would you differentiate a thing knowing if it's an opportunity, just a sign probably from above or an attraction from below? hehehhe.....

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