Worst Flu Ever  

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I am just barely recovering from my worst flu ever recorded. I was bed-ridden for two days because my temperature went up to 39.8 degrees Celsius. It's honestly the worst I've felt in years. I can still feel my joints ache, and my chest hurts each time I cough. I had to miss our anniversary party because of this. This sucks. I'm gonna cut this short because I'm still too weak to blog on about it today.


you look like the kid with the thermo dude! yeah, sucks to be in your place. lolz! wish you were there. save for mark, i didn't have anyone to share the chick-ogling with. hahaha.

get well soon bro!

Yeah it sucks talaga. Ang lupet ng timing ng trangkaso ko pakshet. Oh well. Ok na ako ngyon, so see you guys in the office tomorrow. Thanks dude!

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