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I'm breaking away from tradition. I won't be cross-blogging this post over to Multiply, because I feel that whatever it is I'm doing right now just isn't working. It's 7:19 in the morning and on a day like this you would normally find me snoring the morning off, but not today. Here I am staring at my screen half-hoping it would just suck the life out of me. It's now 7:22, and I think I'm having a bad morning.

I was out with her again last night. Sigh.

Yes, I sighed. I know I should be happy. Not today. I think I'm starting to realize the truth about me and her. There is no me and her. Reality bites Wynona. Its not like she hasn't said it though. In fact, she's turned me down two or three times already. I'm just too much of an idiot optimist to know when "no" means "no".

I met a friend of hers, and in keeping up with The Challenge I was hoping I could make a good impression. I think I failed miserably. This is gonna be tougher than I thought.

In every struggle there comes a point where you suddenly find yourself doubting. I think I'm at that point now. The smarter side of me tells me its time I take a hint, and see that she clearly isn't interested. I think I'm finally starting to listen. I wanna bash my head in.

I just feel so depressed. I'm sorry if I can't lighten up the mood around here. I'm honestly tired of writing about this, but I just have to get it out somehow. I need to talk to somebody. I need to wake up to the truth. It's now 7:49 AM. The drama continues. Waking up to a heavy heart is not fun, I can tell you that.

Tigilan na nga ang kalokohang 'to. Tang ina talaga bad trip.


shudav checked my phone last night. sorry for the late reply bro but for whatever it's worth, if you need to pour it out, we can drink some booze this week. your call.

i dunno what exactly happened but if it's really the finality, then so be it. it's better to wake up from a nightmare than to dream and not wake up at all.

thanks man. yeah that sounds good actually. i think i do need a few bottles. i like that waking up from a nightmare thingy.

i should've given you my suncell number bro.. my globe sim just burnt out...

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