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Yep you read the title - another bullet blog.

I told my buddy Lio Loco I wouldn't blog about the death of Francis M. So I won't. If I did, I would've said I felt sad because like Sir Kiko I too am a musician wannabe)and former drug user (has-been). But I said I wouldn't write about that, so I won't.

I really want to get one of those Mikropono shirts by FMCC though.

I've been thinking a lot lately, and thinking has never been one of my best talents. I want a complete turn-around. Its high time I started making something out of this pathetic existence. I uh... just haven't figured out what to make of it yet.

The Challenge continues. I honestly don't think I'll really get anywhere with this, but being the egotistical blockhead that I am, I'm not giving up that easily.

Appearances. Why do people look at me like that? Society dictates that aesthetics is humanity's popularity barometer. You just have to look good to get noticed. If you're fat and ugly, you get noticed too but for all the wrong reasons. Cruel, but true. But who wants to be popular anyway? Hypocrites.

Haha, sour-graping.

Its funny how I try to waltz around a particular topic I want to write about. I'm just afraid she might stumble upon my page one day and read all the incoherent thoughts about her that spill from my love-sick head into pixels forming into letters that spell words that can never really put across what I want to say to her anyway. It doesn't make sense, I know.

The infernal heat must be getting to my head. Look up, I was talking about this head. Curse my lucky shades.

Razon's halo-halo really is the best in town. She looked so sweet. I mean, the halo-halo was sweet.

I am dying to go out of town. Or at least take a dip in a pool. I want to go swimming on a regular basis. Kalbong Intsik, help me out!

I feel sad that the forum's been awfully quiet lately. There used to be new posts each day, but now every time I visit I just see me. What's up with you people?

I need a break. I need to be away from it all for a while. I miss my dark corner. At least nobody talks about how I look there. I wanna curl up so nobody can see me.

Shet emo.

The thing about bullet blogs is its hard to throw in a sensible end to it. But then nothing seems to be making sense to me nowadays anyway. So in light of all the fear, sadness and confusion around me, I think its only fitting that I end this with the words of the late Francis Magalona.

Huwag ka mabahala
May nagbabantay sa dilim
Nag-aabang sa sulok at may
Hawak na patalim
Di ka hahayaan na muli pang masaktan
Huwag ka nang matakot sa dilim


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