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It's funny how the end of one thing can really be just that - the end of something. I tend to read into things too deeply that I often overlook the obvious. I keep trying to read between the lines even when there are no encrypted clues or non-verbal subliminal messages being thrown at me. I suppose it comes from being half-human and half-paranoid. I know it's been a long time coming, but at the same time I always knew the end was staring me right in the face. Maybe sometimes, "no" really does mean "no".

Going back to the purpose of this post, I am unceremoniously ending a six-month obsession and I am startled by the subtlety of it all. I mean, no fireworks, no melodramatic music, no action-filled fight scenes. It just ends here. It's not that it deserves all the attention, oh no. I hate being in the spotlight. I'm just suddenly left with this empty feeling, just like an over-used cliche.

I feel like a writer with nothing to write about.

All that waiting, and the only thing I got to show for myself is my propensity for being extremely patient. I guess it was fun while it lasted, whatever it was. But I have to move forward now. From this day forward, I vow never to stare at her when she's smiling, never to think about her all day. But who am I kidding. Its time to drop the curtains and walk away from the stage, its over folks.


i have something to confess. do you remember asking me to drink last night and i said i can't? well, i got dead drunk, albeit unintentionally at that. sorry.

but this post, this post deserves some beer bottle sharing. let's do it next week.

i am still not convinced though that it's over now. just as a blog is possibly created to refute one's thoughts that he wrote some time back, i am hoping this certainty will be rebutted in some uncertain future time.

Wow man, thanks for the optimism. I do hope you're right. Looking forward to that future rebuttal! Cheers!

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