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I've rekindled a new interest lately. I picked up a copy of Patapon 2 (meaning I ripped it off somrbody's PSP via Adhoc), and started playing with my PSP again. It's been months since I finished the first Patapon, and I found the second installment completely entertaining. No I'm not here to write a review of the game, that's Lio's job (hek-hek). I just thought I'd write about how fascinated I am with it. It certainly took my mind off of things and made me sigh about Davao less frequently, but on the other hand I had only managed to read 7 chapters of The Deathly Hallows ever since I started nodding my head to beat of the Pon Pata song again. Oh well. Essie-Hime and Lio Loco better get their beats going 'coz I've got loads of practice with this thing. PON PON PATA PON!

Yes, the Patapons can fly now. They can jump too.


you know what sucks the most? it's when you're half-way through playing this helluva wicked game, army completely upgraded, kachings oozing and all, and then you find out you can't play a non-copyrighted ripped off version just because you updated your firmware to 5.05! gawddamnit!

p.s. the tipid pc guy who's supposed to bring my psp back to life isn't responding. any other contacts perhaps?

That's all I got man, sorry. Glad to see my slight hinting of Davao and its one particularly temporary addition to its population elicited no violently funny yet remorsefully meaningful reactions from you. Hek-hek! I have no clue about where I picked up all those adjectives.

sugoi!! can't wait to move to the next level! weeee :D ad hoc na to sa pantry!


mga nosebleed kayo ni lio, magsama na kaya kayo? :P


eherm, nde kita nisumbong na may fezbuk ka.. hala, laguuuut! :p

@essie-hime: nyahaha silent night k lang about sa fezbuk kez, if she finds me then so be it. besides, tapos na ang drama. nyahaha. dapat may Patapon moments tyo sa outing!

Hi read your post. I'm playing that game too. I finished Patapon 1 and I was just disappointed that I couldn't carry over my Patapon 1 data to Patapon 2 (game reviews said it could be caried over). Anyway, I went ahead and I just love the game.

@Ezra: Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I love the game, weird though because I was able to carry over my P1 data over to P2. I think you get that chance (or should) the first time you're asked to load game data. Anyway, saw your site too. Cool!

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