Road Trips and Occlumency  

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Yeah that's right. Occlumency. I was supposed to write about our team's recent adventure in San Juan, Batangas days ago but I got so caught up reading an illegally acquired e-book of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that I couldn't find time to sit in front of my ancient but trusty PC. That and the fact that I spent three out of four wonderful work-free nights pondering the meaning of life; no, i was really just out drinking. Most times I'd be too stupefied to construct sentences. See that? I said stupefied. Stupefy! Hah. If you weren't thrown back by an invisible force then we have just proven that spells don't work over the Internet.

I could sure use a swig of that Felix Felicis potion. Lady Luck hasn't been smiling at me lately.

Going back to the purpose of this post, I just wanted to share my recollection of that trip that we had to San Juan, Batangas. We did an ocular visit of the area, in order to find a suitable venue for our planned outing this May. So we all met at 7AM at the office, and nobody was late. Well, you don't need a master legilimens to figure out that that was a lie. People were late and we only got to leave at 9AM, in typical Pinoy fashion.

So then we were on our merry way - Rap and his girlfriend Giselle, Mark, Flip, Jules, Essie, Emi, Liza, and me. The weather then wasn't exactly perfect but we were doing great time. That was until the car's engine overheated and we had to pull over. Of all the places along the vast stretch of highway, the car decided to sputter at that particular spot, where we were told by the rescuing highway patrol officers that two people had died of a an accident the night before. We even saw pieces of bloody clothing amongst the wreckage. Naturally, everyone was talking about ghosts when we finally got the car moving again. I've never been one to believe in the supernatural, but it sure made a great conversation starter. And we had fun scaring the buhjeezus out of the girls. And out of Jules too.

We visited around 6 or 7 different beach resorts, until we decided on taking Aling Lerma's little cottage that was conveniently tucked away just a few feet from the beach. It wasn't glamorous, but it wasn't pitiful either. Most importantly, it was within budget.

I'm saving myself the trouble of having to describe how much fun it was, so here are more pictures.

On our way back to Manila, we decided we just had to try the famous lomi from Batangas so we did. We picked out this little eatery we spotted when we were just on our way to San Juan, but when we got there, there was this group of boys having a drinking session. Seeing as we had girls on board, we felt it wasn't a good idea to stay there and possibly invite trouble. So we looked for another place and luckily, we found one.

It was kinda' late, and the owner told us he only had enough lomi to make four orders. There were nine of us. Since it was late, and we were pretty sure we wouldn't find another chance to try out that much talked about lomi, we decided we'd share four orders amongst ourselves, just to find out how good it was. And boy were we surprised. Not only was the lomi really good, but we were quite taken aback by the serving size. As Rap had so eloquently put it, "Tang ina angal pa tayo kanina, di pala natin to mauubos!".

I got to hand it to Rap's white Mazda (have to ask him about the exact model). It took so much abuse that day, but it still got us there and back home safe and sound. Although it wasn't as white as it initially was when we got back.

I can't wait to go back there and kick some sand. And while I'm at it, I may just kick some sand in Malfoy's and Snape's faces too. All for Dumbledore. Petrificus Totalis! Are you still moving?


I badly miss Batangas, the last time I was there was 5 years ago, before I met Jeff. I saw in FB you also went to La Luz, I believe it's more expensive now.. Aww... I miss out of town trips..

Not only was it rather expensive, I also found La Luz to be a little boring. No bar, no night-life. Best place to reflect and ponder upon life's purpose though.

where was i again when all this happened? geez, short-term memory loss again.

so lemme clarify things. the cottage, is that where we'll be staying? what about the kabayan thingy?

and yes, you might want to withhold the sand kicking till you've read deathly hallows. what is obvious seems to be always ignored. *spoiler spoiler* hahaha.

@Lio: Let us look inside the Pensieve and see what you were up to during this particularly happy moment.. ah it appears you were dreaming of scantily-clad supermodels in your sleep.

Hehe, yup that'll be our cottage cheese. Er, cottage I mean. Kabayan wasn't as impressive as it was on their website.

You seem to be under the impression that I have not read Deathly Hallows. Well I have, in fact I've read both versions of book 7 hehe. So, allow me to kick sand some more lolz.

That makes me want to apparate to Davao. You know any portkeys going that way?

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