Brain Drain  

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Do you know how there are days when it feels like you're just positively bursting with ideas and you just want to sit down and start writing about them? Like, you can't wait to get in front of your computer and start pounding away on your keyboard until all the grey matter in your brain spill out?

This is definitely not one of those days.

For one thing, I hate how this accursed machine has bogged down to a virtual standstill. I know its more than four years old, but it's been pretty reliable in the past. Besides, I can't cough up the dough to get myself a new one, not right now that is.

Now I also have to give credit to my ever-so-dependable Internet service provider whom I will not name because one, they're not that smart; and two, because this sentence is just loaded with sarcasm.

I took on a part-time writing gig over at our friends at Talent Shout, and I've just finished my first assignment. Nothing spectacular, I just hope the articles made the grade.

For some time now I noticed how long it took for my blog to load. I'm in a bit of a pickle. I can't decide if i want to start over and put on a new layout or stick with this extremely personalized layout and figure out a way to make it load faster. I guess that's all gonna have to go in the back burner for now.

Yeah, I can feel the grey matter coming out now.


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