On Ends and New Beginnings  

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It took me long enough to finally accept that I spelled it right. Such a funny looking word, beginnings. The old adage says "Great things start from small beginnings.". So does the old Milo commercial. Bea Lucero suddenly started doing backflips in my head.

It's been two weeks now since my escape slash immediate resignation. I've practically been cooped up at home, and I hardly ever go out. It's not because I want to, mind, but because I can't. These pockets have never been emptier. But such is the price for freedom.

Cue warped sound effects.

Who am I kidding!? Of course I'm utterly bored and penniless. I miss eating out, I miss all the parties. Oh how I miss the night. Now I've been reduced to watching downloads of Smallville and White Collar over and over again until I fall asleep.

Well yeah, I am getting plenty of sleep now. Unlike when I was in the office slash prison, I was a walking, call-avoiding, technically gifted but financially impaired zombie. That reminds me, Plants versus Zombies is an awesome game. At the very least, its fun to play. Now playing games would've been a really entertaining thing to do if it weren't for the fact that I'm incomprehensively bored all the time.

So why don't I just a get a job, you ask. I definitely have no intentions of living off my mother's meager income for long. I'll find a job, sooner or later.

Fine, sooner.

I just need to tie up some loose ends over at the old slaughter house before I go looking for another employment opportunity slash suicide attempt.

Okay enough with the slashes.

It's a crazy world we live in, I tell you. I was watching the Pacquiao-Cotto fight yesterday, and as the country celebrated Cotto's free facial reconstruction and Pacquiao's seventh world title, not too many of us remembered that somewhere just outside the MGM Grand another boxer was fighting the fight of his life. Literally.

Bantamweight Z Gorres, another Filipino pride-bearer, went under the knife after winning his match via unanimous decision against Luis Melendez of Colombia. Apparently, Gorres got knocked down hard in the tenth and final round and only survived until the bell rang. He's now in a clinically-induced coma and requires further observation by his doctors. My prayers are with him and his family.

Yeah that's right. Apart from my illegal torrent downloads I've also found time to watch television. Now if only we had cable service back. I sure miss AXN and Jack TV, Discovery Channel too.

So I'm starting a new page in my pocketbook called life, and I hope it's worth reading. After all, I wrote the goddamn thing. It's gotta be worth reading. I'm the only one reading it.

Smallville S09E08 has just finished downloading. Yay me.



enjoy the freedom while it lasts.. you call the shots! Ü

you are absolutely supercalifragilistic-expialidociously right. thanks barns!

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