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So for the nth time, I quit my job again.

After staying for a year and a half I finally decided to call it quits. Why? I just felt that there was simply no growth anymore. I can only be redundant for a year, a year and a half tops. I have so many reasons for leaving, but regrettably, I also have several would-have-been reasons to stay.

It's been almost a week now since I submitted my resignation letter slash release papers. I am glad to be sleeping whenever I want to. I just wished I could also go out and be with friends anytime too. I admit, the first thing this decision has affected was my finances. So I've been friends with Jobstreet again for the better part of the week. I just want to clean up some unfinished business before I go looking for greener (and hopefully less stressful) pastures.

I am going to miss all the friends I've made, but then again we'll still be friends even when we don't work together anymore, right? And of course there will be those I could live without too. I still won't like you even in our next lives.

I'll hold off on discussing a few more deeper reasons that made me leave. All I can say for now is that it wasn't so much as causing me to leave, but more like having no reason to stay. The pro's outweighed the con's in this case.

So off I go into the sunset, so to speak.


hala, ako din. i just resigned from work. haaaay. so what's next for us? hehehe.. -ena

please excuse my shotty grammar hehe, spaced-out pa ang isip ko. maybe its time we stay in the same company again and let the good times roll! hehe.


...err, want to be a part-time writer? ahehehehe

Hey I didn't know you write!... and you write well, 'must say. :) Anyway, hope to catch up with you and rest of the batch soon so we can compare notes about life, life and all that jazz. I have my own fair share of shit in this world anyway. hehe

@rhon: funny u mentioned it, i was going to look u up soon. what do i need to do?

@liza: fancy seeing you here! thanks! yeah i look forward to seeing you guys again soon, so we can talk about the last 20 years of our lives or so. keep in touch!

tsong, painom ka na. ano ba pinaplano natin ngayon? hehe.

magfree-freelance ka na ba? ayan si bossing rhona o. sa kanya ako sumasaydlan pag kelangan ko ng pambisyo. huhlolz!

can't wait for the 13th month pay? or did you get it already? heheheheh!

well, good luck on the job hunting.. i don't think you'll have a hard time doing that.. Ü

@lio: oo nga, hanap ko din si bossing rhona eh hehe. kelan ka ulit nasa Manila?

@barns: yeah, i couldn't wait for the 13th month bonus, sama nalang yun sa backpay. thanks barns!

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