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I noticed that there's a new form of chain mail going around on the world wide web. Unlike the Friendster bulletins that tell you to forward them stupid messages to as many friends as you possibly can in the next five minutes or else your mom's dog will get run over by your uncle Freddy's whore or this dead girl will come give you a hand-job in your sleep or something, this kind of chain mail is not so idiotic.

So I'm giving it a shot.

It's called
tagging, or so I think that's what its called. Somebody tags you, and you're supposed to say things about yourself and tag some other sucker who's supposed to say things about himself, and so on and so forth. Hence, the chain mail effect. Lio Loco tagged me on his blog site, and so did Messy Nuthead a few months back, and recently Eina did too on Facebook, so I decided to give it a go.

And oh, in commemoration of today's historic event -
Friday the 13th - I'm splashing 13 odd (and not so odd) things about me.

  1. I am (or at least try to be) ambidextrous. Though born right-handed, I can write legibly (enough) with my left hand. I shoot that jumper from the top of the key with my left hand, and I can play table tennis with both hands. I respectfully blame the greatest Pinoy southpaw, Allan Caidic, for this behavior.
  2. I have often been mistaken as a Chinese or Korean national. Though I am aware of my heritage, I can't speak a word of Chinese except when its time to bring out the tikoy and fireworks. Kung hei fat boy?
  3. I have spent time in prison. And I don't mean that figuratively.
  4. My left ear has an oddly different shape compared to my right ear. Got that from my Dad and Grandpa.
  5. I used to have really long hair, partly because I wanted to hide my ears and because I just thought it looked cool.
  6. I've never been good at romantic relationships, because relationships are supposed to be happy. I am not happy.
  7. I don't have a drop of alcohol in my body. Maybe a few buckets of it.
  8. I have the ability to procrastinate procrastination. I'll put off putting things off for tomorrow.
  9. I've had sex with one of my female supervisors in the workplace. Didn't see that one coming, did you?
  10. I am absolutely terrified by the screeching sound chalk makes on a blackboard, or by a pentel pen on paper, and by the noise of cooking oil when frying stuff.
  11. I am a solid San Miguel Beer fan since birth. I'm talking about the basketball team.
  12. I once taught somebody who was born with fingers only on his right hand how to play the guitar.
  13. Despite what you see, I am God-fearing and I trust Him with the decisions I make in life.

So, in keeping up with tradition I am tagging the following 13 people: Alvin O., Bob Lennart, Kalbong Intsik, Lynn B., Cpie, Darxide, Emman O., DJ Chloe, IƱigo Carlo, Christian Giff, Jennakish, Kukuk, and Polay.

You guys have just been tagged!


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