Making Sense Out of Chaos  

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Its all starting to make sense to me now...

Actually, its not. And I must warn you, neither will this post. One day its the biggest silent war on the planet, then its the realization of world peace on the next. Nothing makes sense now. Everything seems so surreal and disorienting. It's like I'm walking a very long and narrow path again with no light at the end of the tunnel. I keep trudging along until my feet wear out and the bloody bones in my heels are exposed to the dirt. I have always been one for transparency, but during these troublesome times I believe that there is a need for some degree of discretion. I dare not express my emotions freely for fear of being discovered. I will silently move forward, and see where the path takes me.

I feel like a juvenile Shakespeare stabbing madly at the soaked parchment with his quill, or an unhinged Van Gogh stroking the blank canvas with his thoughts. I am an artist with no medium, an obscure after-thought trapped in the mind of a psychopath. Society stares mockingly in anticipation of my next failure.

But despite all this, I walk on. I have to continue.

Do not look upon me with pity, for I have had enough of it. Instead, listen to what I am not telling you. Only then will things start making absolute sense.

The chaos will end soon enough, one way or another. It just has to.


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